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The actor died over the weekend as a result of an unspecified illness, but the news of his death was only reported on Monday Daily Mail.

James Winburn was introduced not only in the first part in 1978, but also three years later Halloween IIalso played the role of the masked, demented psychopathic killer, Michael Myers. In the iconic films, Jamie Lee Curtis played the main villain’s younger sister who was released from a mental institution. Winburn also worked as a stuntman, and was invited to such world-famous films as Escape from New Yorkthe Thronethe Colorsthat is Night bullythe Glory or the Sofa tour.

James Winburn became a director’s favorite by combining his acting and stunt skills in his films, such as at the very end of John Carpenter’s highly successful horror film, when Dr. Samuel Loomis fires six shots at him, falls off the balcony, and then disappears under mysterious circumstances. With this, the creators created the possibility of continuing the story.

(Cover photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)