The match that united Rodrigo De Paul with Tini Stoessel, China Suarez and Camila Homs in Madrid

the columnist of trespassers, for America TV, Marcela Taurusrevealed this Thursday that the singer Tini Stoesselthe actress Maria Eugenia “La China” Suarez and the influencer Camila Homsall of them linked -in one way or another- with the footballer Rodrigo DePaulwould have coincided the same day at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium of the Atletico Madridwhere the midfielder plays Argentine National Team.

“Remember that time our colleague Flavio Azzaro He said: ‘I spoke with Rodrigo de Paul and he denied that China wrote to him’. He is going to have to confirm now what China Suárez was doing in the Madrid stadium at the same time that Tini was in the box with the woman from Diego Simeon (Carla Pereyra), and Camila”, who -at that time- was the player’s wife.

In that sense, the chronicler ruled out that Suárez had been there at the invitation of another player, or for his love of football, apart from being a fan of River Plate. “At that time, the three of them were on the same court, seeing the same person,” said the chronicler, adding: “The truth is that everyone saw it, and everyone knew. be careful Tinythey say, because apparently I would have cut that.”

In turn, the announcer confirmed that Homs, mother of De Paul’s two children, is aware of the situation and that she even had access to the chat of her ex-partner and Suárez. “He saw the conversation with La Chinaand he knows that he was on the same court while Tini was.

The match that united Tini, China and Camila Homes at the Madrid stadium

On the other hand, Taurus said that “now the players’ wives are not happy with De Paul”, and that the people who witnessed this coincidence are related to other footballers. “Everyone found out and they play dumb,” he sentenced.

Likewise, the journalist indicated that the relationship between the 27-year-old midfielder and Stoessel would have started in July 2021, although De Paul’s ex-partner would have found out before the affair of Rodrigo with the actress of Alternative Therapy. “When was ‘the Wandagate’, It is not that they invented that De Paul had been written with the China. He didn’t want to be stuck and said: ‘I don’t talk to myself’”.

To reinforce his information, he recalled that the photographer who took the images of Tini and the athlete had once said that Camila and the singer of songs like “Mienteme” and “Bar” coincided on the same day on the court of the “Colchonero” group. ”.

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