Paul Javkin said that

This Wednesday morning the mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin said that it is “a shame” what the national government is doing by cut transport subsidies from the interior of the country.

The public official questioned the Government has sent less money than the established amount to the provinces of Argentina. Furthermore, he was also annoyed to see that Amba is subsidized in the face of the diesel crisis.

It is a lack of respect for the entire interior, none of this happens there. They take more and more and we less”, expressed Javkin in The first in the afternoon (Radio 2). He also stated that It is “incredible” that they have removed the resources for transportation with the current situation that the country is experiencing due to diesel.

Pablo Javkin said that “it is a shame” the measure that the national government took on the cut of transport subsidies. (Municipality of Rosario/)

Last Thursday he registered in the Official bulletin that of the 46 million established in the budgetwhich was rejected by Congress, they distributed 38 billion in the reallocation of items.

Outraged by the difference between the provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Javkin stated that “it’s really amazing. None of this happens in the Ambawhich is clear about the dates and amounts, when the disbursements are, in the projection of the coverage of the parity, has subsidized diesel and guaranteed supply”.

On the other hand, the mayor emphasized his claim management for the distribution of subsidies in the country. Together with the mayor of Córdoba plans a measure at the national level to show the transport situation of the provinces with respect to Buenos Aires.

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