the messengers of dishonor
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Like so-called horsemen of the apocalypse, they ride the virtual spaces of the Cuban archipelago, carrying the flags of infamy and surrender. Sometimes it is easy to distinguish them, other times not.

They are the halberdiers of defeat, inhabitants of the digital universe; their lives are spent in that world, made in the image and likeness of their ambitions, grudges and fears, far removed from real life, from the sweat, anguish, pain and glory of their compatriots.

They live in a shadowy corner of history, in the fictional cosmos that new technologies offer us in the hands of the world’s powerful hegemons.

There is everything in digital networks. As if by magic, the animals are born and reproduce. influencersthe new media platforms, the sites, portals and magazines, communication entities anchored in proven stereotypes of culture war.

The application to Cuban journalists of proven marketing techniques that allow rapid dissemination of the materials produced by them; forms of payment superior, by far, to the possibilities of our means; the masking of the real intentions behind a supposed critical position and freedom of expression, are some of the tactics used to numb the behavior of some and lead them to self-justify their ethical suicide.

In today’s world almost nothing is spontaneous, much less what happens on the internet. Work teams directed directly from the psychological warfare operations centers of the United States special services prepare and carry out the plans against Cuba.

It is a well articulated, synchronized system, no matter what image or media disguise they use; all work with the same goal and obey the orders of the same master.

The dense network of media and social networks woven around Cuba with internal allies and collaborators, has a single purpose: to discredit the revolutionary State, weaken the pillars that support the institutionality of the Revolution.

The “soft coup” strategy establishes as one of its fundamental rules to destroy the basic pillars that support a State. Information is one of the vital columns of any system; whoever dominates it, has a large percentage of the fight in his favor.

The horsemen of the apocalypse ride through the virtual spaces of the Island, no matter what name they bear, no matter what costume they wear, or what masks they wear; they are the messengers of dishonor, of the restoration of capitalism in the real space where we live.

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