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I attended the 4th report of our governor Diego Sinhue, this exercise that the rulers do to account for the trust placed in a vote to elect them and also to inform us about the state of the entity. Each exercise reflects the ruler’s style and even the social communication strategy.

Diego is a young politician and he is at the head of a state that has focused – for at least the last 30 years – on productivity, job creation, and education. An innovative concept in the way of addressing people is that of “mindmaking”, a concept that contains the transition from doing something with the hands to doing it with the mind and that is understood from the so-called “knowledge economy”.

The Convention Center, the large venue, could hardly handle so many guests. Parking lots are insufficient for so many luxury vehicles and armored vans. The late night was beautiful to be able to walk in the accesses, because it was not easy to find where to park and get to the event, which was impeccably organized and the digital code control facilitated the entry to the annual report. The fourth report of six, because President AMLO and Governor DS are already running out of their government calendars.

Three quarters of the event, Diego explained the achievements in this industrial development strategy that is “mindmaking” and that has allowed us to have the first places in the country in wealth generation and investment attraction. All this was presented with the support of success stories, testimonials from real people who show with their lives that it is possible to stand out and achieve goals. In the midst of an environment of guests close to the project of the PAN ruler from the context of the industrialized Bajío, it was stated that the strategy has given results. All of this, using digital communication technology, ensured that, throughout the event, the guests were in tune with the “mindmaking”.

The exhibition of the first plane made in the country with local engineering, of an entrepreneur in biotechnology for cosmetics and of a businessman in digital technology, took us to the ideal world -that some of us would like for the majority-. Also, it is true, there was space for a plastic recycling project that transformed the lives of three residents of a popular neighborhood in León. That is why I say that the reports have been changing in our country so that it is the people who, as evidence of results, expose the concepts and not only the rulers. Fewer figures and political messages and more results.

Later, already in the last quarter of the report, I liked the focus on sustainability so that we move towards renewable energies and take care of our protected natural areas. There, the governor introduced a young lady from an exclusive high school in León with sensitivity towards the environment and a young graduate of Tec de Monterrey who managed to successfully position himself in a multinational company, inviting the public to always look for opportunities. Of course, the Governor mentioned at the beginning of the event that we have the best health system in the country (and that is something we should boast about) and that the state government has made investments in security, to reflect that -according to data from the Inegi- we have the first place in reducing incidences of violent deaths.

Finally, the Governor presented that important investments have been made in social issues, and that interest in social and human development is maintained, which I see reflected in the improvement of people’s living conditions. In the message there were no claims against the federal government for having taken away public investment or for canceling the water supply to León with the El Zapotillo Dam. It was, shall we say, an exhibition of what we have been able to do with our own hands, with our own resources. I agree that “mindmaking” is an industrial strategy to increase the added value of products and services, as well as to develop entrepreneurship and creativity in people.

I understand. I promote it. I dedicated my life to that, but the challenge will be how we translate it into the reality of the majority that today, from various spheres, barely survive and among whom we try to build visible lights of hope in the midst of so much darkness. That is the challenge of creating the impossible with the mind.

* Local counselor of the INE

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