The Mobility Association is urging regulation of the use of electric scooters

The Future Mobility Association urges comprehensive regulation of electric scooters that is well thought out, forward-looking and takes into account the expected changes in urban transport, MTI reported.

The association said in a statement on Thursday that electric scooters could still not be categorized under current legislation, and no uniform regulations have yet been developed for the devices.

According to some estimates, there are about 50,000 of this type of vehicle in use in Hungary.

According to the organization, electric scooters need to be categorized in accidents, for example.

In such cases, the authority either considers the pedestrian to be a pedestrian, as it cannot be considered a vehicle in the absence of e-roller regulation or an auxiliary engine according to a guideline.

According to the Future Mobility Association, well-thought-out, forward-looking, comprehensive regulation that takes into account the expected changes in urban transport would be needed to reap the benefits of these instruments for congested cities.

As an example, fewer cars were mentioned, better air was mentioned, and the carbon footprint reduced by orders of magnitude was ultimately mentioned.

The association believes that the ideal situation would be for anyone to participate in traffic only if they know the traffic rules.

It would be useful for the traffic to be defined as a condition for someone to hop on a bicycle or scooter and take part in the traffic, they added.

Although the rule does not require the use of protective equipment on the electric scooter, it is strongly recommended that they be worn.

The helmet could save lives, so it would be ideal if the future legislation made it generally mandatory under cycling outside of a residential area, or possibly supplementing it, for 18 years, the Future Mobility Association concluded.

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