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If this is really Sunday’s Hungary-Greece friendly football match Balázs Dzudzák his farewell match – which for the time being is still treated with reservations, because we have information that the left-footed player, who became the only Hungarian top scorer with his 109th appearance in the national team, plans differently – then tastefully frames the career of the football player from Nyírlugos. As you know, on June 2, 2007, Dzudzsák made his debut for the national team against Greece in Heraklion, in the European Championship qualifier, and was replaced by national team captain Péter Várhidi in place of Tamás Priskin in the 81st minute. We lost that match 2-0, but today’s Greek national team – which is 52nd in the world ranking, while the Hungarian team is 36th – cannot be compared to 15 years ago, in which they still crowded the Portuguese in the 2004 Euro final 1 The stars of the golden team (Szeitaridisz, Kacuranisz, Baszinasz, Jannakopoulosz) who beat the team 0-0, and even the scorer of the most important goal in Greek football history, which marked the European championship Charisteas was also there on the island of Crete.

For today’s friendly match Marco Rossirespectively Gustavo Poyetthe two managers sent the two national teams to the field in this composition:

Hungary: Dibusz – Botka, Orbán, Szalai A. – Fiola, Nagy Á., Styles, Kerkez – Szoboszlai, Dzudzák – Sallai

Greece: Paschalakis – Rota, Hadzidiakos, Recosz, Jannulisz – Bakasetasz, Kurbelisz, Buhalakisz – Maszurasz, Joannidisz, Mantalosz.

The referee of the match is the Italian Daniele Chiffi.

Gustavo Poyet, who already worked in Hellas in 2015 as the coach of AEK Athens, was appointed as the captain of the Greek national team on February 3, 2022, and after that he won four out of four matches with the national team in the third tier of the Nations League and promoted the Greeks to B to division.

According to Transfermarkt, the total value of the current national team is 78 million euros, the most valuable player Anastasios Bakasetasz (Trabzonspor) with 11 million euros, he scored the only goal in the Europa League group match between Trabzonspor and Ferencváros on November 3.

In contrast, the Hungarian squad is worth 104.9 million euros, among our top players Dominik Szoboszlai is worth 35 million euros, Attilá Szalai 15 million, Roland Sallai 12 million, Willi Orbán 10 million. It’s a small curiosity that the lowest-rated player in our squad is the departing Balázs Dzudszák with his virtual price of 250,000 euros.

We talked before the match With Csaba Csizmadiawith the recently sacked manager of Budafok, the former national team defender of Ferencváros and Videoton, who was there on the field 15 years ago in Heraklion when Dzuzdzák made his debut, and was even Dzuzzi’s teammate in the match when, a few months later, he lost 3-1 in Ferenc Puskás Stadium they defeated the current world champion Italy.

Balázs is a very good kid, he has a huge heart and is a great player, Csizmadia said. – I only have pleasant experiences with him, I don’t understand those who vilify and criticize him, mostly shrouded in the anonymity and facelessness of Facebook. I’m glad that I can also be here at the Puskás Arena for the farewell match. The facts speak for themselves, no one will be selected 108 times by chance.

And now it’s 109 times…

A quarter of an hour before the start, the projectors were already flashing Thank you, Juji! subtitle. In the meantime, Attila Nyerges sang Nélküled, not live, but from the loudspeakers, so the atmosphere was festive before the twenty-second Hungary-Greece match in history.

Before the anthems were sung, Sándor Berzi, the vice-president of MLSZ, greeted Dzúdzák, who entered the field on the occasion of his 109th national team and was wearing the team captain’s armband, then the game began in front of around 60,000 spectators, Roland Sallai kicked the ball off.

Dzúdzák first got to the ball in the 5th minute, his attempt to shoot was blocked by the Greek defense. The match did not put the spectators in a state close to a heart attack, to put it mildly, the Greeks played with a slight advantage on the field.

Until the fifteenth minute at the end of a beautiful attack on the left Styles put the ball back Scarves in front of him, who immediately placed it in the left corner from 12 meters. 1-0.

In the 28th minute, Dzúdzák finally had a chance to speak, he shot from 24 meters, the bouncing ball was saved by Paszhalakis with aplomb.

In the 39th minute, Dzúdzák delivered a beautiful right-hander (!) from the right wing, Sallai immediately put it on from the corner of the five, the Greek goalkeeper saved it for a corner. Of course, the celebrant crossed the ball, Attila Szalai’s close header was saved by Paszhalakis.

The balance of the first half from Dzúdzák’s point of view: one good shot, one save and two or three good passes, summing up: he didn’t hang out from the team at all, in fact…

So he stayed on the field for the second half as well, but apart from that, Rossi didn’t change anything. In the 47th minute, Dzudzák tried another shot, but it was weak. This was his last major movement in the match and presumably in the national team jersey, because in the 52nd minute Rossi replaced his captain, Ádám Martin came in for him, and Kerkez was replaced by Zsolt. The audience cheered the 109-time national team player for long seconds. And the captain’s armband went to Dominik Szoboszlai.

In the 80th minute, Styles tripped Bakaszetasz, the Italian referee awarded 11, which was approved after some VAR. Bakaszetasz himself took the penalty kick and bombed it into the left corner. 1-0

The match was still not particularly exciting, but at least we kept the 1-0 score smoothly. In the 70th minute, the atmosphere heated up, but we would have liked to have spared it, Sallai pushed with a Greek, then half the team moved in, and finally the mood calmed down. In the 71st minute, Ádám Lang came on instead of Botka, and Palkó Dárdai came on instead of Sallai, this is the debut of the latter in the national team. In the 73rd minute, Ádám Martin faltered, they couldn’t overturn him, the Greek goalkeeper saved a shot to the left corner.

In the 79th minute, the Italian referee unexpectedly gave 11 after Styles may have fouled Bakaszetas inside the penalty area. After some VAR, the verdict was approved, and Bakaszetasz bombed into the left corner. 1-1.

In the end, Dibusz was replaced by Szappanos (he also made his debut), and Szoboszlai was replaced by Kalmár.

And what does God do?! In the 93rd minute, we got a free kick from 22 meters, and Zsolt Kalmár, returning from injury, rolled the ball flat into the left corner. 2-1!

The result did not change in the hair, and with this we selected a victory for his beautiful and successful performance in 2022.

Friendly match between nations:

Hungary – Greece 2-1 (1-0). Puskás Arena, 60,000 spectators, director: Daniele Chiffi (Italian). Goals: Sallai (15th), Kalmár (93rd), or Bakasetasz (81, from 11)

(Cover photo: Dominik Szoboszlai says goodbye to Balázs Dzudzsák, who is leaving the field. Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI)