The new EU plan for migrants, “old ideas recycled”
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Matteo Piantendosi chose to see the glass half full. “I am satisfied, because this plan puts at the center of the discussion certain issues in the perspective envisaged by the Italian government”, declared the Italian interior minister, whose words are relayed by La Repubblica.

The policy refers to the new EU Action Plan for the Central Mediterranean. A document in 20 points – which will be discussed by the Ministers of the Interior on Friday 25 November – by which the Commission intends to respond to the migratory challenge on the route which goes from North Africa to Southern Europe. A route that concerns Italy above all and which has been used by more than 90,000 migrants this year, a figure that is increasing.

In concrete terms, the Brussels plan provides “a strengthening of partnerships with the countries of departure (Tunisia, Egypt and Libya) for border control, legal pathways for entry into the EU for those who are entitled to asylum, and a diplomatic commitment for the signature of new repatriation agreements”, details the Roman daily life.

“Things that Europe had

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