Škoda Auto increased global sales by 29 percent in October
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The new rule responds to an EU directive. According to the earlier statement of the Minister for Regional Development Ivan Bartoš (Pirates), who presented the law, it is a pure transposition of a directive that the government did not tighten.

The European Commission has already initiated sanctions proceedings with the Czech Republic due to the fact that it has not yet adopted the directive. Minister for Regional Development Ivan Bartoš already stated during the approval in the Senate that the Czech side is trying to delay the filing of a lawsuit by the European Commission.

If the lawsuit is filed, the court will impose a fine automatically, even if the Czechia manages to complete the legislative process in the meantime, he warned. However, he pointed out that other EU countries are also late in adopting European directives.

Just after 2030, electric cars will predominate in Czech car sales, says Škoda boss


According to an earlier statement by the Ministry of Regional Development, the measure is intended to increase the number of ecological vehicles used by the state, region or municipalities. Likewise, the number of environmentally friendly vehicles that are used to ensure traffic service is to be increased.

It should bring better air, especially in cities, and also help to protect the climate. The law provides for an exception for, for example, agricultural or forestry vehicles, tracked vehicles, vehicles specially designed for the armed forces, ambulances or even mobile cranes.

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The minimum share of ecological vehicles by the end of 2025 is set for passenger cars, minibuses and light commercial vehicles at 29.7 percent, for buses at 41 percent and for trucks at nine percent. In the next period until the end of 2030, the limits will increase further.

“Half of the share set for buses will have to be achieved by zero-emission vehicles,” the Ministry of Regional Development said earlier. The antimonopoly office will supervise compliance with the law.

The government states in the explanatory report that the impact on the state budget and other public budgets cannot be calculated precisely, but only a qualified estimate can be made. The costs will depend on, for example, whether it is a gas or hydrogen vehicle, and it will also depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

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