The number of new daily cases of Covid-19 in China has never been so high
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As explained from the outset the BBC, it is for now “very low figures for a country of 1.4 billion people”. But the trend is cause for concern.

On Thursday, November 24, China released the number of new and old Covid-19 cases registered in the country. A figure of 31,444 infections which constitutes “the record number of cases since the start of the pandemic” and which greatly exceeds the 29,000 new daily cases recorded in mid-April. At this time, “the city of Shanghai was confined”, recalls the British media.

The current epidemic outbreak, paradoxically, comes at a time when Beijing is trying to lighten its “zero Covid” policy, in particular by announcing a series of 20 measures supposed to make life easier for the population.

“Local authorities are walking a tightrope”

Indeed, reports the BBC, in the course of November, Beijing has not

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