The OAS only suspended one State in more than 20 years of existence from the Democratic Charter
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The diplomatic instrument, whose purpose is to make democratic institutions prevail among the signatory States, was promoted by the governments of Valentin Paniagua Y Alexander Toledo.

In the two decades that have followed since its creation, the Democratic Charter has been invoked at least 12 times. EC Data reviewed the various reports issued by the organs of the OAS and found that the most common reasons for the activation of the instrument have been the political, economic and/or social crises that the countries are going through (4 cases); coups d’état or attempted coups (3 cases) and the existence of a complaint against the president by another state power (3 cases). This last group includes the most recent case of invocation of the Democratic Charter: the request for Pedro Castillo to activate the instrument, after the constitutional complaint against him presented by the National Prosecutor Patricia Benavides before him Congress.

On 8 occasions (equivalent to 67% of all cases) the OAS resolved to declare its support for the government in power. On the other hand, since the creation of the Democratic Charter, the entity has only suspended a Member State from its participation in the organization –maximum possible sanction– on one occasion. This is the case of Honduras, a State that was sanctioned after the coup d’état that dismissed Manuel Zelayain 2009. The suspension was lifted two years later.

They promise impartiality

Yesterday, the spokesperson for the High Level group of the OAS Permanent Council, Eladio Loizagapublished a message in which he informed that the objective of the visit to the country “is only one: to listen to Peru.”

The official said that the delegation will meet with the different powers of the State and representatives of various sectors of society. Likewise, he indicated that channels will be enabled so that those who cannot meet with the group can submit their points of view in writing.

We know that our visit has raised great expectations in Peru. That any gesture that we make or any word that we say will be interpreted by someone as a position taken by the group in one sense or another. Nothing is further from reality”, assured Loizaga.

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