The offended Mazepin is going to sue Haas

Russia has been heavily sanctioned after President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine in late February. Of course, the athletes were no exception, so Nikita Mazepin, who raced in Formula One, drank the juice.

As previously reported, the Haas stable terminated its contract with Uralkali and thanked the Russian pilot for his services. The U.S.-owned team announced that on March 5, the day before the first race of the season get rid of from the 23-year-old pilot. The place is the Danish Kevin Magnussen took over for this year.

The former F1 driver has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. stable at Haas for failing to pay his 2022 wages.

When the contract was terminated, Haas had arrears to pay me by 2022 and this amount was still not paid to me, so the terms of the contract were not met

he said to the Russian RBC press body.

He called the lawsuit against Haas a personal matter and stressed that all negotiations would take place specifically between him and the team.

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