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The one by one of Talleres in the match against Newell’s

Talleres faced Newell's for the Professional League.  (Facundo Luque / The Voice)

With great anticipation, the third party of workshops in the Professional League tournament against Newell’s at Kempes. The technician Pedro Caixinha ordered the entry of Santiago Toloza by Fernando Juárez in what was the only change regarding the match against Independiente.

here the T player scores:

GUIDO HERRERA (7): In Sordo’s goal, 25 seconds into the game, he couldn’t do much. The striker was very lonely and defined calmly. He then played a lot with his foot from behind. In the complement he ordered the defense and crowned the night by stopping Castro’s penalty that raised the public and filled the whole team with hopes of a tie.

GASTON BENAVIDEZ (4): He was not fine in the brand in the first half. Luciano and González, who were thrown by their sector, complicated them quite a bit. Although he improved when he started going on the attack. But he was never able to settle in his sector.

MATIAS CATALAN (6): It started complicated with the goal that surprised him along with Rafa Pérez. Then he settled down and even dared to kick the bow taking the spear and going on the attack. In the absence of the Colombian, he was the reference in defense for Talleres.

RAFAEL PEREZ (3): He was never comfortable on the pitch. He crowned a lackluster performance with an irresponsible expulsion as a result of a slap to the face of an opponent. Very weak about the Colombian.

Talleres faced Newell’s for the Professional League. (Facundo Luque / The Voice)

ENZO DIAZ (5): The usual attitude but much more imprecise than in other games. He was always outgoing but he lacked calm when the ball went through his feet in the first half. In the snap he went further than he defended. It was not a good game for the former Agropecuario who had his recognition for having reached 100 games with the Albiazul shirt.

RODRIGO VILLAGRA (6): Very alone in the brand, he suffered when the rival started to play the ball behind him. He was the stronghold in the game of a team pushing from behind without much attractive game but effective in each cross and in each stolen ball. It was a correct game from Morterense.

SANTIAGO TOLOZA (5): In offensive function, he fulfilled when he had to play the ball in the first half. He had to sacrifice his place after Pérez’s expulsion so that Malatini could enter and rebuild the defensive line.

MATIAS GODOY (6): The best of the T in the first half. Fast and sharp, especially when he played on the right. He had several overflows that led to scoring chances for the T in the first half. In the second half he was replaced in a change questioned by the fans.

MICHAEL SANTOS (5): Moving across the attacking front, he had equalizing chances in the first 45 minutes. In the complement he did not stop looking for opportunities trying to assist his teammates or locating himself within the area. He was not given.

Michael Santos regrets one of the last options that Talleres had in the game against Newell’s. (Facundo Luque)

MATIAS ESQUIVEL (5): He appeared well at the start and was able to draw twice. Once with a shot from outside that went close and, the second, with another test from the crescent that forced the goalkeeper Macagno to stretch. In the complement he was with fewer appearances.

FEDERICO GIROTTI (6): He did not have much participation in the first half. In the complement it was more noticeable because, also, his companions looked for him more. He had some chances.

Talleres facing Newell’s for the third date of the Professional League at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium. (Facundo Luque / The Voice)

JULIAN MALATINI (5): The youthful defender positioned himself as the first central marker although his position varied with Catalán. He had the bad luck to sweep with his hand the play that led to the penalty that Herrera contained in the complement.

RODRIGO GARRO (4): Couldn’t influence the game much. He had some sparks but he lacks continuity in the game.

ANGELO MARTINO (5): Better defending than attacking. He had a couple of saves on some Newell’s cons.

AGUSTIN VENEZIA (-): The kid came into play a little.

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