10 (prompt) actions required for 5G technology to become widespread in Colombia

It draws attention that the newspaper time published partially the resultsshowing only the best rated and some of the worst, but not the entire cabinet.

In addition, it only detailed what is the positive percentage on them, but the fact that they all had percentages less than 50 percent shows that negative opinion was always preponderant.

With these caveats, the results show that the official with the best image is the director of Dane, Juan Daniel Oviedowith 42.1 percent positive image. In second place was the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruizwith 35.8 percent favorability.

The latter confirms what was advanced by the other part of the survey –which shows that President Duque ends his term with a more negative than positive opinion–, and it is that the best legacy of his mandate is the vaccination and management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

(See later: Duque leaves power with a more negative than positive image, although by a narrow margin: survey)

Third place went to the Finance Minister who replaced Alberto Carrasquilla, José Manuel Restrepo, with a positive image of 30.4 percent.

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From now on there is only one numbering, in which they appear in the following order:

  • María Victoria Angulo, Minister of Education.
  • Ángela María Orozco, Minister of Transport.
  • Angelica Mayolo, Minister of Culture.
  • Víctor Muñoz, director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency (Dapre), which is the only one whose favorability is detailed, of 23.4 percent.

Without giving details about other ministers, El Tiempo concludes by pointing out that the worst rated are “the Minister of Science, Tito José Crissien, with a favorable 13.6 [por ciento]; Carmen Valderrama, from Communications, with 13.4 [por ciento]Y the last place is for the Minister of Justice, Wilson Ruiz, with 8.9 [por ciento]“.

This is the technical sheet of the surveypublished by the newspaper:

“Legal Entity that conducted the survey Guarumo SAS and EcoAnalítica Measurement and Economic Concepts SAS
Legal Entity that entrusted it: Guarumo SAS and EcoAnalítica Measurement and Economic Concepts SAS
Funding Source: Guarumo SAS and EcoAnalítica Measurement and Economic Concepts SAS
Universe of Study: Colombian men and women over 18 years of age, residing in Colombia, except for the so-called old ones. national territories and the archipelago of San Andrés.
Sample design: The sample design is probabilistic.
Sample Size: 1,317 surveys.
Collection Technique Face-to-face survey.
Collection Date: From July 31 to August 4, 2022.
Characters for whom it was inquired: Refer to the collection form.
Margin of error: The margin of error is 2.5% with 95% confidence.
Distribution of the sample The surveys were conducted in the following municipalities: Barranquilla (77), Bello (39), Bogotá DC (157), Bucaramanga (109), Cali (82), Cartagena (97), Cúcuta (100), Florencia ( 87), Medellín (120), Palmira (62), Pasto (48), Santa Marta (70), Soledad (60), Tunja (61), Valledupar (67), Villavicencio (81).
Sampling frames: Municipalities National Population Census.
Specific questions asked: Refer to the collection form.
Statistician: Gustavo Romero Cruz”.

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