The owner of a corralón decided to close it because Truckers blocked his company three times in a month

This Thursday the truckers unionrun by the Moyano family, again blocked a corralón in Resistencia, Chaco. Its about third tightening in a month to this company.

They demand the “union reorganization” of the workers: that they stop being commercial employees and go on their payroll. “They took us to an extreme situation,” said Matías Morante, the owner of the company.

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In dialogue with Central TN, the businessman said that the branch of this corralón opened just 45 days ago and that, due to the blockades they suffered during this time, They must close their doors.

“We inaugurated it 45 days ago, with a large investment and the truth is that died before birth. We couldn’t even meet the minimum sales target for the business. morning we are going to close this branch because we cannot continue“, Held.

Morante said that the first time they were 15 days blockedyesterday they threatened again and today there were a large number of people blocking the doors.

He added: “We cannot continue because this is every day, it is a story that does not end. We try by all means to continue fighting it, but we can’t.”

In that sense, he maintained that he had to stop all the delivery trucks and that the situation is becoming uphill. “We have several branches. After 7 months of assembly and investment, we opened this business in Resistencia and I have to close it because Who is going to go shopping in a place that is in this situation?”, he marked and whipped: “Never in my life as an entrepreneur did I think this could happen to us.”

“We can’t continue like this,” assured the businessman and said that he will have to close the branch that opened just 45 days ago.

How was the truckers’ blockade of the corralón

According to the businessman’s testimony, the union called all the big suppliers and prohibited them from selling to them because “otherwise they will block them too”.

“They went to our clients and stopped there to block them. Before, they had blocked us in San Martín, our headquarters, but now they took us to an extreme situation”, he stated.

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And he explained: “The aggravating circumstance now is that We cannot operate with any client because they threaten us. We really have no choice but to go back.”

He even pointed out that one of the workers was threatened yesterday and told: “Go to Truckers or we’ll kill you with pineapples”in addition to spitting on him and hitting him. “I am afraid that the situation will end badly and that we have something else to mourn. I have to stop here, ”she closed.

The Prosecutor’s Office No. 6 intervened, who were in charge of ordering the eviction and investigating those who are blocking the company.

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