The pancreas is already collapsing: A symptom that cannot be tolerated has been named
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If acute pancreatitis develops very quickly, then chronic pancreatitis takes a long time. But it is important to start treatment in a timely manner, since the disease “works” for the destruction of the pancreas, which eventually ceases to produce the necessary enzymes.

According to the specialist, a patient with pancreatitis (or a suspected illness) cannot tolerate acute pain.

“This is severe pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Any acute pain should not be tolerated in any case, since it usually speaks of a serious, deadly disease,” the gastroenterologist emphasized.

The specialist also explained that in chronic pancreatitis (the treatment of which many put off), the pancreas inevitably collapses – first it works at 90 percent, then at 70, and then only at 30.

“This percentage will not increase, it can only go down,” the doctor said.

The greatest harm to the pancreas is caused by carbonated drinks, alcohol and fatty foods. The amount of food eaten and drunk also affects the health of this organ, Andrey Kolotilshchikov, head of the department of emergency surgical care at the Botkin Hospital, warned.

“The main thing in prevention is the regime: eat often, fractionally, in small portions, without starving,” the expert advises, emphasizing that fasting, contrary to popular belief, “will not add anything except harm to the body.”

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