The Partners Group

In day June 11, 2022, on the YouTube platform, the group “Partners” presented his new video clip about a version of the Teresa Parodi’s theme “Tarumba”.

The clip at Estación Frontera, the hometown of Cristian Rampa, and with the special performance of his mother in the role of “Tarumba”. The recording of the video was done by Rampa as well as the editingwhile the music was recorded and mastered at La Casona in Arroyito.

Los Parceros Group (Facebook Staff/)

Cristian Rampa commented to Vía Arroyito “the lyrics are by Teresa Parodi, it is very emotional, since in a certain part it represents many people. In all cities/towns there is “living on one side or the other” and that seems to make you a better or worse person”.

We always live “on the other side” and far from victimizing ourselves, we had to show that this belief was false and that we were also good peopleespecially in childhood/adolescence where one cares what they think of us”.

Partners is a group made up of Valeria Flores and Cristian Rampa de Arroyito, Lucía Rampa, Emiliano Ochoa, Emiliano Arce, Manuel Acosta and Maximiliano Bossio from the town of San Francisco.

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