Lucas Galizzi.

In addition to working and studying, Maximiliano and Lucas Galizzi, 26 and 22 years old, stand out in american football. Far from their relatives and their Argentine origins, the brothers left everything to bet on USA.

The story of the Galizzi began When Maxi was 7 and Luciano was 4 years old, they had to leave their place of birth, Santa Fe, to go live in Puerto Madryn, Chubut. “That’s where we started to play ball and study there,” said the older brother.

The brothers started playing soccer and, sometimes they shared equipment, and other times they didn’t. Everything depended on the age, since there are a couple of years of differences. “He followed me in the team in which I played, if I entered a club he tried to join that club and if I passed the club, he might also pass”, Maximilian recounted.

Lucas Galizzi. (Lucas Galizzi/)

When Lucas became 16 years old and Maxi 19 they started playing in different clubs. But both took their first steps at Club Deportivo Madryn, of which they are fans. Then they continued on JJ Moreno to add more experience and knowledge.

Both are center forward and for the last team they played was New Orleans Jesters“which would be like a fourth division of the United States, but Luciano is now going to continue playing for his university, which would be Christian Brothers University, and now I am left without a team. because I still have to finish two classes and at the moment I don’t have a team”, revealed the oldest.

The decision to move to the United States

In August 2017, Maximiliano decided to leave his whole life in Argentina to start in the United States. Until that year, Maxi played in Federal B tournaments and even “between the ages of 15 and 18 I was on the Deportivo Madryn campus, they took me to the bank several times but I never had to enter, so to gain more experience I moved to another team that was in Federal B”, said the young man.

Maxi and Lucas share a passion for football.

Maxi and Lucas share a passion for football. (Maxi Galizzi/)

There he played several tournaments until in 2016 he was in Germinal and when they reached the final with Sansinena, Maxi’s career as an accountant was complicated. “I couldn’t take any finals and I always had to argue with the faculty groups because they got together to do a job and I had to go to train”detailed the footballer.

As this happened to him very often, Maxi realized that “he was leaving the faculty half aside”, so he preferred to find a solution where I can play at the same level and study at the same time, “and here the truth can do both,” he said. “In Argentina it is very difficult to study and play football at the same time, you have to choose”Lucas added.

Maxi Galizzi.

Maxi Galizzi. (Maxi Galizzi/)

In 2020 Luciano went to the United States to accompany his brother, but also to follow his dreams. now study industrial engineeringhas a scholarship to a university and “Football basically pays for his studies, his house, his food, but he is not considered a professional”detailed his brother.

For his part, Maximiliano has already finished his studies, He received his degree in International Business last year and this year he is doing a master’s degree in Business Administration. Like his younger brother, football covers all expenses. “The university covers everything for me to play soccer for them,” he said.

The Galizzis started playing soccer when they were 4 and 7 years old.

The Galizzis started playing soccer when they were 4 and 7 years old. (Maxi Galizzi/)

When asked about the reaction of their parents when they found out about the decision After going to live in another country, Maxi said between laughs that, at one point, she asked her mother if she could go to study in Buenos Aires, “and she took shit out of me… She didn’t want me to leave”.

So when the eldest told his mother that he wanted to go abroad, she didn’t like it at all. “According to her I could do both, study in Argentina and play soccer, which is true I could have tried but I told her it would take me 8 years to graduate, so she didn’t take it very well”Maximilian testified.

Unlike the boys’ mom, the father “was excited, he liked the idea and took it better”added the young man.

The dream of playing football professionally

In an interview with Via Countrythe brothers assured that the great dream of both is to play professionally. “Although it is very difficult since we need a visa to play, but well, try to do it and if not stay here working”Lucas stated.

Since Maxi is about to run out of a team, he revealed that if he does not sign professionally, he probably has to dedicate himself to work and “he is hitting him hard”, since he defines himself based on this sport.

The brothers from Chubut who left their lives in Argentina to gamble in the United States.

The brothers from Chubut who left their lives in Argentina to gamble in the United States. (Maxi Galizzi/)

“When people ask ‘what are Maxi and Luciano doing?’ And they play the typical response. Although Maxi’s future is uncertain, The Galizzis have a soccer school and work there as a coach. Even, “With that I’m going to stay connected, but obviously you always want to play”the older brother specified.

Though “Argentina is always missed”being so busy with their activities and responsibilities “You don’t have the time to think about going back”. Finally, Lucas assured that in the future he would not return “Because you live very well here and you have many job opportunities,” he explained.

“With everything that is happening in the country, the economy and others, it is very difficult to return”Max added. Also, once you start working, “You realize that the opportunities for kids our age in the United States are 10 times better than those in Argentina”he concluded.

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