Rubinstein's messages against Kirchnerism in social networks

It was barely known that Serge Massa would designate Gabriel Rubinstein As his deputy minister, a series of tweets and posts on Facebook were revealed in which the economist and potential number two of the leader of the Renovating Front was extremely critical of Kirchnerism. Even in one of the messages, which he published on June 15, 2016, Rubinstein targeted the vice president Cristina Kirchnermajority member of the Front of All.

That day the economist shared an image of the then head of state while digging with a shovel during an official act in the gardens of the Casa Rosada. It is a meme that recreated the following fictional dialogue with Cristina Kirchner and he referred in an ironic tone to the legal cases against Kirchnerism for alleged corruption:

– Devoting yourself to gardening, boss?

-No, checking the balance.

Rubinstein posted that photo on his Facebook and added: “Do not comment”.

But that was not the only critical message from the director of GRA Consulting that went viral in the last few hours. On Twitter, the economist has not only questioned the policies implemented by Cristina Kirchner during her terms as president, but also the direction of the management of Alberto Fernandez. In fact, he has retweeted questions to the Government from fervent opponents of the ruling party, such as Patricia Bullrich (Pro), Joseph Louis Espert (Avanza Libertad) or the liberal economist Diana Mondino.

“For me, joining Kirchnerism would be like saying: ‘I’m an idiot, but long live Néstor and Cristina, damn it'”, wrote in September 2014.

Between December and March 2015, the economist targeted Cristina Kirchner for her attack on the Judiciary and her administration of public accounts. “Thousands of gnocchi, maximum corruption, maximum perversion, ignorance everywhere. That was the ‘present’ state of Cristina Kirchner. Trash,” he noted.

On his Twitter account, he suggested that the former president and her closest collaborators “deserve to end up in jail.” “In silence, chewing on rage, let’s hope that since 2016, Cristina Kirchner and company can be tried (and most likely) convicted. Crimes are not lacking”said.

In another tweet, he assured that the then president “He contributed to degrading the Justice by reversing one of the few things that was done very well in the K era: the change in the Supreme Court.”

In addition, he said that he expected a “wide opposition victory” in the 2015 presidential elections and to create a “CONADEP anti-corruption” to “minimize the risk that Cristina Kirchner returns” to power.

He also described the Kirchner government as the “most authoritarian” since the last military dictatorship. “And surely he is the biggest liar in our history,” he said.

He also attacked the President for the scandal of the birthday party of the first lady Fabiola Yáñez that was held in the fifth of Olivos during the strict quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. On April 2, Rubinstein commented on a news item about the apology made by the wife of the head of state for the celebration at the official residence: “Unpresentable”, He launched.

Rubinstein’s messages against Kirchnerism in social networks

Days ago, in an interview he gave to Canal de la Ciudad, the economist considered that lowering public spending is the “basic condition to end” inflation. And he suggested that Cristina Kirchner “does not understand” that the cause of the escalating inflation is the monetary issue.

“This government is mentally incapable of lowering public spending. He has mental flaws, starting with Cristina, who directly does not understand the phenomenon. Others understand it, but they are not powerful or do not have enough political development”, he pointed out.

According to Rubinstein, “eliminating the fiscal deficit does not have an economic cost, but rather a political one.” “Ultimately, you replace the inflation tax with other taxes, such as rate increases,” he pointed out.

Close to Robert LavagnaRubinstein is Massa’s choice to take over as Secretary of Economic Programming and Deputy Minister of the Economy portfolio.

Rubinstein studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and did postgraduate courses in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Economic Growth at the Institute for Economic and Social Development (IDES). He was a member of the sovereign risk committee DCR-Fitch Ratings, executive director of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and Director of the Broda Studio.

He was an adviser to Lavagna, as a representative of the Treasury on the board of the Central Bank (BCRA). At the same time, he was part of the team that negotiated the agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and participated in the renegotiation of the public debt, between 2002 and 2005.

The tweets of Sergio Massa's deputy minister against Cristina Kirchner
The tweets of Sergio Massa’s deputy minister against Cristina Kirchner
The tweets of the new Vice Minister of Economy against the government of Cristina Kirchner
The tweets of the new Vice Minister of Economy against the government of Cristina Kirchner
Rubinstein's criticism of Kirchnerism
Rubinstein’s criticism of Kirchnerism

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