The "prediction" of The Simpsons that the Argentines "choose not to believe" about the World Cup winner
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After the unexpected defeat of the Argentine National Team in his debut at the Qatar 2022 World Cupa “prediction” of The Simpsons about which country can become the world champion. Despite the fact that the animated series managed to anticipate several events, The fans “choose not to believe” in this omen, since it would not be favorable for the light blue and white.

This is episode 16 of season 25 of The Simpsons, in which Homer is invited by FIFA to be a World Cup referee. A) Yes, Arbitrates a confrontation between Spain and Brazil.

Despite the fact that some Spanish media such as Independent in Spanish They interpreted that Spain is consecrated champion in the episodetruly, victory is given to Brazil. In fact, it can be seen how a player tries to avoid an expulsion, giving money to Homer.

In the same way, for the peace of mind of many, the chapter premiered in 2014, days before the start of the World Cup in Brazil, so the “prediction” would apply only for that championship. Although, as these results were not fulfilled, the brazilians maintain some hope in this regard.

Results of Brazil and the true prediction of The Simpsons

During Brazil 2014, Spain was eliminated in the group stage after winning South Africa 2010so it fell into what is known as “the curse of the champion.”

Brazil, on the other hand, came in fourth place after losing to the Netherlands. The finalists of that World Cup were Germany and Argentina. In this sense, after a difficult match and a heavy defeat against the Argentine National Team, Germany became the world champion.

Back muffs | He announced on the air on the radio that “Arabia would not score a goal”

However, there is a prediction of The Simpsons about that world cup that did come true: the injury that Neymar suffered a few days after the chapter was released. In one of the scenes, you can see how a Brazilian player is seriously injured during a confrontation.

In that opportunity, the figure of the Brazilian team suffered an injury to a lumbar vertebra and missed the remaining matches of the World Cup.

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