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Statement to the press by Alberto Fernández and Emmanuel Macron


President Alberto Fernandez and his peer from France, Emmanuel Macron They agreed this Friday in Paris on the need to “collectively respond” to the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and warned of the risk of an energy and food crisis in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet.

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The coincidences between Fernández -in charge of the pro tempore Presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States- and Macron -president of the European Union (EU) until June 1- were expressed in a joint statement to the press, before the meeting they held this Friday at the Elysée Palace, on the last day of the European tour.

Macron closes the series of meetings with European leaders that the Argentine president held this week on a brief and intense tour of three countries in four days: on Tuesday he met in Madrid with the socialist Pedro Sánchez and King Felipe VI and on Wednesday in Berlin with German Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Fernández became this Friday in the first president that Macron receives in his new mandateafter having won the ballot in the presidential election last month against the far-right Marine Le Pen, a result that “brought a lot of tranquility to the world,” according to the Argentine president.

“You are a friend and an important actor on this stormy international stage,” Macron received him on the Elysée esplanade, the official seat of his government, where Fernández was received with a guard of honor on a sunny, spring morning in Paris.

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The Argentine president assured that his presence in France is to “make himself available to see how we can help the world to recover La Paz” and affirmed that he was “convinced that the world needs more proteins, not missiles.”

“As president of CELAC, I bring the continent’s concern about the war in Ukraine. We cannot continue to put food and energy security at risk. We must seek to put an end to the Russian attack. After the damage caused by the pandemic, we need the economy to return to grow up”emphasized the Argentine president.

“The situation in Ukraine has created the risk of generating an energy and food crisis throughout the world and we must respond. This is an opportunity to build cultural and scientific ties between both countries”, remarked the French President.

Macron described Fernández as “an important actor in the current stormy international scenario”

In that sense, Macron described Fernández as “an important actor in the current stormy international scenario” and highlighted “the defense of human and democratic rights as objectives shared between Argentina and France.”

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Likewise, the Gallic head of state congratulated Fernández for the agreement reached with the IMF and said that “now is the time to continue building the bond between the two countries.”

Macron took the opportunity to convey his condolences to the family of the French student Luana Bichiet, 25, who died days ago in Buenos Aires as a result of a traffic accident and asked that “the truth be known soon” of what happened in that fact.

Proof of the good relationship between the two, Fernández gave Macron an etching book by the Argentine painter Antonio Seguí, who recently died and lived in France for decades, and assured that he continues to play the guitar that the French liberal president gave him in his last visit.

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In addition, the Argentine head of state recognized the admiration that his French counterpart has for the writer Jorge Luis Borges.

“We are convinced that the world needs more proteins, not missiles”Alberto Fernandez

“We are united by a humanitarian mission and an integrating vision. We must seek to put an end to the Russian attack (in Ukraine). We are convinced that the world needs more proteins, not missiles. After the damage of the pandemic, we need the economy to grow again”, remarked the Argentine head of state.

Fernández was the first president to be received by Macron after his electoral victory

President Alberto Fernández became this Friday the first president to be received by his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron after winning the runoff against the far-right leader Marine Le Pen on April 24.

Macron resumed his second term last Saturday, May 7, and then on Monday, May 9, he traveled to Berlin to meet with Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz, with whom Fernández also met on Wednesday.

The Argentine head of state was also the first Latin American to be received in the German capital by the Social Democrat Scholz, who succeeded the Christian Democrat Angela Merkel.

This Friday is the fourth meeting between Fernández and Macron. During these meetings, both leaders managed to forge a relationship of friendship and trust. This was demonstrated in the warm and affectionate hugs that were lavished this Friday on the esplanade of the Elysées Palace as soon as they were seen again.

The meeting lasted about an hour and a half: first they had a conversation alone for an hour sitting at a table in the gardens of the Palace and, later, the officials who accompanied Fernández on his tour of Europe joined for half an hour.

An etching by Antonio Seguí as a gift

At the meeting, Alberto Fernández gave him as a gift an etching by Antonio Seguí, who lived for a while in France, and Macron gave him a present for his son Francisco, who turned one month old this week.

Meanwhile, Fernández invited Macron to visit Argentina.

The French president replied that he will do so as soon as he finishes organizing the formation of his new cabinet.

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