The pressures of the Trump camp at the heart of the fourth day of hearings in Congress

“Once again, the Democrat-led Jan. 6 Commission has turned to Republican officials to build their case against Trump”, note CNNwho also finds that “the majority of witnesses heard in person so far are Republicans”. On Tuesday, for the fourth day of hearings, these witnesses were Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, his deputy Gabe Sterling and Arizona House of Representatives Speaker Rusty Bowers, three people who wanted the re-election of the 45th US President in 2020.

“They all gave damning testimony against Trump, describing how he repeatedly tried to coerce and cajole them into changing the results of the vote. They also described threats and pressure from Trump supporters.continues CNN.

In the case of Brad Raffensperger, the commission played a well-known audio recording, the call made by Mr. Trump to the Secretary of State after the November 2020 election. “I just want to find 11,780 votes”informs him the president, “increasingly frantic”, notice it Los Angeles Times . “Audience members in the Cannon Caucus room, where the auditions are being held, laughed as they listened to the sound bites”, adds the daily. Mr. Raffensperger did not accede to his request. “There were no votes to be found. There were no torn ballots”he told the committee.

the washington post lingers on the testimony of Rusty Bowers, “one of the most convincing of all the auditions”. He said he received more than 20,000 emails and tens of thousands of phone messages from supporters of Donald Trump, in addition to being harassed in his neighborhood. The elected also said that Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer of the ex-president, had asked him to think, without the slightest proof of fraud, to replace the great voters of the State, reserved for the winner of the ballot in the American system. “You are asking me to do something against my oath when I have sworn to defend the Constitution”replied Mr. Bowers. “Additional evidence that Trump’s team was warned that their plan to overturn the election result was illegal”indicates the Post.

“Today we saw good people who chose to act despite pressure, men and women who refused to let evil triumph”, can we read on the website of MSNBC. “These people became not a blue line – a usual reference to the police – but a red, white and blue axis that separated good from bad, morality from criminality” .

Ordinary citizens publicly targeted by Trump

Beyond these testimonies, the hearings revealed that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson allegedly offered to find fake pro-Trump voters when certifying votes on January 6, 2021, relief Politico. One of his aides texted an aide to Vice President Mike Pence to offer him a list of voters from Michigan and Wisconsin. The text messages were posted during Tuesday’s session.

This attempt “Shows how former President Donald Trump and his allies tried to pressure Pence to add new voters, which could have changed the outcome of the election”analyzes the site.

Tuesday’s session was also an opportunity to hear the voices of ordinary citizens affected by the actions of the Trump camp. In this case, Wandrea Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, two women who participated in the ballot count in Georgia. They talked about their story ” trembling “, highlighted The Wrapwho speaks “at the strongest moment of the day”.

This mother and her daughter were “publicly targeted by Trump and Giuliani”, who accused them of fraud. Wandrea Moss said she received racist and obscene text messages and threats outside her home, to the point of being afraid to go out in public. She gained 25 kilos and no longer distributes her business card for fear of the reaction of her interlocutor. “I lost my name and I lost my reputation”regretted his mother in a video message.

The next hearing will take place on Thursday and is expected to focus on the work of the Department of Justice.

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