The price of meat in León continues to skyrocket

Leon, Guanajuato.- Given the high production costs, mainly due to increases in grains such as corn, sorghum and soybeans, the price continues to rise. price of the meat in Lion.

The Mexican Meat Council reports that so far this year the price of beef beef, pork, chicken Y meats cold has shot up to 35%.

Ranchers, cattle introducers, those who buy and sell at the slaughterhouse, as well as tablajeros (butchers), point out that in the In the last month, the prices of products for fattening and meat production have skyrocketed.

They point out that the war of Russia against Ukraine continues to affect

Simply put, grain prices have skyrocketed; the price of beef has skyrocketed and therefore prices for the consuming public are directly affected, reaching a kilo of steak to exceed 200 pesos, “says the rancher Ernesto Davila Aranda.

The president of the Local Association of Pig Farmers, Arturo Loza Lopezpoints out that the price of live pigs is up to 45 pesos per kiloand at the beginning of the year it fluctuated between 32 and 34 pesos.

“This has forced small producers to withdraw, to close their farms, since prices are unaffordable. The prices of grains have skyrocketed to such an extent that it is not profitable, because there are those who bring higher production costs than those who pay them in the introducers, “adds the rancher.


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