The PRO filed an amparo to fight the appointment of Judge and stop that of Doñate
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The block of senators of the PRO finally presented in the last hours in Justice the amparo announced days ago to stop the appointment of Martin Donate in the Council of the Magistracy. In the proposal that is still pending a draw to see in which Court it is settled, they asked that the Senate be ordered to appoint the macrista Louis Judge as regular director.

The presentation to which PROFILE had access began to be polished in the last two days after the press conference in which the opposition block explained why it did not provide a quorum in the session last Tuesday in which the 2023 Budget was approved and validated Doñate’s appointment as director. The lawyer Pablo Manili worked on it on behalf of the judge himself and the president of the bloc, senator Humberto Schiavoniwho wants to be a substitute director.

There they ask the Justice to declare the “absolute and insane nullity” of all the proceedings in relation to the appointment of Doñate and his counterpart Anabel Fernández Sagasti to integrate the Council of the Magistracy. Also that the unenforceability be declared “of the partition of the Frente de Todos bloc for the purposes of the integration of the Council” and that order the Senate “to comply in appointing the senators Luis Alfredo Juez and Humberto Luis Schiavoni as titular and substitute directors respectively for the second minority (…) for the period 2022 – 2026“.

In the argument they stated that the appointment of the Kirchnerist senator in one of the chairs of the body in charge of the selection and trial of the magistrates and magistrates “results in violation of the applicable legal regime” and “openly contrary” to the provisions of the ruling known as the Bar Association, from which the Supreme Court modified the composition of the body from 13 to 20.

The 29-page statement contains a chronological description which starts on December 16 of the past year when the Court changed the rules of the game and ends with the approval of the appointments that occurred in Tuesday’s session.

In closing this review, he maintains that “once again the right of a parliamentary minority is violated to integrate the Council of the Magistracy in order to safeguard the due balance of the political forces resulting from the last renovation of the Chamber”.

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