The proceedings in the Pegasus case have been closed, DK does not leave to that extent

This week, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had closed the case in the Pegasus case. According to the reasons for the decision the proceedings were terminated in the absence of a criminal offense an investigation ordered for the crime of unauthorized collection of secret information or unauthorized use of a disguised device.

Olga Kálmán, a spokeswoman for the Democratic Coalition faction, had previously lodged a complaint in the case, who now said in a statement that DK was “not leaving the matter at that”.

As he put it: “MEP Sándor Rónai is working on the Pegasus scandal, and the committee will investigate in Hungary in the near future.”

“This is happening during the government of Viktor Orbán, the Minister of Justice of Judit Varga and the Chief Prosecutor of Péter Polt. And we are surprised if the EU money does not come, because Hungary is not a state governed by the rule of law, “the politician added in his statement.

(Cover image: demonstration over the Pegasus case in Budapest on July 26, 2021. Photo: Gorondy-Novák Edit / Index)

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