The Prosecutor's Office occupied the assets of the former governor of Arauca José Facundo Castillo Cisneros for the purpose of extinction of domain
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The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, through the Specialized Directorate for the Extinction of Domain Rights, imposed precautionary measures on assets that would belong to the former governor of Arauca, José Facundo Castillo Cisneros.

These are 11 urban and 2 rural properties and 10 vehicles located in Fortul (Arauca), Yopal (Casanare), Villavicencio (Meta) and Bogotá. Preliminary calculations show that the assets would rise in value to 7,624 million pesos.

These actions by the Prosecutor’s Office, supported by the National Army, seek to affect the assets of the former president, who is being investigated and remains deprived of his liberty in a prison as allegedly responsible for multiple contracting irregularities during the two periods in which he served as governor (2012 – 2015 and 2020 – 2021).

According to the investigation, Castillo Cisneros would have given part of the department’s contracts to members of the Domingo Laín Sáenz Front of the ELN, in exchange for receiving political support in various municipalities.

For these facts, he was charged with the crimes of financing terrorism; and organized crime groups and administration of resources related to terrorist activities and organized crime; contract without compliance with legal requirements; embezzlement by appropriation in favor of aggravated third parties; and conspiracy to commit an aggravated crime.

The properties occupied for the purpose of extinction of domain were made available to the Special Assets Society (SAE).

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