The quick reaction with which a 10-year-old boy was saved from being kidnapped in Pennsylvania
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“Act like you are my mom. This lady is following me,” a 10-year-old boy pleaded with a trembling voice to the cashier of a gift shop located in the town of Pottstown, on the outskirts of Pennsylvania.

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The 17-year-old girl, identified as Hannah Daniels, acted quickly and went to close the door of the premises, where the strange woman remained motionless, watching Sammy Green, the boy who came looking for help.

Daniels’ action led to the woman finally walking away and Sammy being able to call his father.


On November 11, Sammy headed home after his classes ended. The first section of the six blocks that separate his school from his home was made together with a friend and his father.

When Sammy was left alone, however, he realized that a woman had been following him from a few blocks behind. A few steps later, the woman approached the boy.

“He asked him for his name and where he was going,” said Sam Green, the boy’s father, . “The lady told him that she ‘perhaps she knew her father’ and asked where her family was.”

According to the boy’s testimony, the woman insisted on taking him to a local store called Wawa and promised to buy whatever he wanted.

Sammy, who had been instructed by his father on how to act in these cases, began to think of a way out of the imminent danger.

“Find an adult and ask for help,” was the advice the boy remembered.

That way, when Sammy and his stalker walked past the store, the boy made a quick decision and entered the store.

The lurid scene was recorded by the security cameras of the place.


The case came to light precisely because Sammy’s father shared the security recordings on social networks, asking for help in identifying the suspicious woman.

“Nobody called 911 or reported the incident,” said Pottstown Police Chief Mick Markovich, after it became news both on social media and on American television.

“We saw the video on Facebook and investigated it from there. Several of our officers recognized the woman on the video as a homeless woman who is often found in the area. She has mental health issues. We were able to find her and send her to a center for help,” Markovich said, according to Today Parents.

Sammy’s father, for his part, has organized a neighborhood watch group called “Guardian Angel” that will be dedicated to ensuring the safety of children on the streets.

Little Sammy, who said he was “scared and shaking” for several hours after the incident, now has a new route home: go to a friend’s house who lives a couple of blocks from the school and wait for his daddy go for it.

Mr Green says his son has developed some fear of walking the streets, but has not completely lost his sense of security. In addition, he stressed that he “is humble but feels very proud of the way he handled the situation.”

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