The official store will have direct sales in the Cuellar stand.  (Photo: Belgrano Press)

Along with Belgrano leader of the First National, the official store, República de Alberdi, also projects its leadership with records of clothing sales of the official sponsor and the own brand, which will be reflected in this Father’s day, for example, with between 35 and 40 million pesos to invoice In the month of June. Record.

And with news like the alternative black t-shirts, which on the first day meant a sale of nine million pesos and are about to run out. With the promise of a new shipment, and with long sleeves.

For this present from the store, the leadership that heads Luis Fabian Artime ordered the creation of a work and design team for the production and purchase of the collections, with the primary concept that all products must respect the identity of the club and the fan.

The official store will have direct sales in the Cuellar stand. (Photo: Belgrano Press)

In the 2022 budget, 172 million pesos in sales were estimated, equivalent to 15 percent of the club’s income. And that it will go from 6 to 14 million per month, which is already $24 million per month, for which the annual sale will approach $300 million annually. In an estimate it would be between 25 and 30% in the coffers of Belgrano, to place as a third source of genuine income, together with the partner campaign and the contribution of the sponsors.

sales boom

República de Alberdi went from selling 3,000 garments to 5,500 per month. In other words, it went from about six million to 25 million per month. And from 60 million in 2021, to almost 300 million when this year ends.

A success was that the physical store, located in the headquarters of Arturo Orgaz street in the Gigante de Alberdi, cater to the public on match days, as it happened last Sunday night when Belgrano defeated Deportivo Morón.

The decision of the club and the store is to continue increasing the variants of articles and stock and sizes, for which suppliers of different and new articles are added, enhancing the current ones, without failing to take into account the current context of the textile industry such as the lack of raw material and labor.

The online store was changed, generating an alliance with the cloud store which strongly increased sales, improved service and is shipping nationwide and some places in the world giving the member the possibility of accessing the club’s clothing.

the new brand

Errea’s Choice together with its designer Martin Tibabuzo is seen as a success in Belgrano, since designs and products are highly accepted. In the contract it was sought that the brand has visibility and can be used by male and female squad which boosted sales, with the two leading teams.

Also 6,000 competition garments were made for the sports center and other disciplines with the Republica Brand. The store and the brand are owned by the club, with the support of members and fans. transform into a very important business unit for the institution.

(Photo: Belgrano Athletic Club)

(Photo: Belgrano Athletic Club)

Other points of sale and wholesale are projected and it is planned that for January 2023 all the clothing used in the club is Errea or Republica de Alberdi brand.

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