The rain went into exile, only a few clouds could ruin the sunshine

On Tuesday, in the rest of the day, in addition to several hours of sunshine, many cumulus clouds can be expected, but the clouds will decrease to the north – it turns out National Meteorological Service from the forecast.

According to the forecast, the north and north-east winds may pick up in several places, and moderate air movement is likely from the evening. The lowest night temperatures are usually between 9 and 14 degrees. No precipitation is expected.

On Wednesday, there is a view of mostly sunny weather all day with clouds and veils. The highest daytime temperatures are likely to be between 25 and 29 degrees on Wednesday.

The wind can only pick up in some places, but in the morning it will be cool, in the north, for example, there may be minima below 10 degrees.

The daily wind record was broken in Budapest

According to the National Meteorological Service, a cold front crossed over Hungary on 13 June. The wind strengthened in many places, intensifying in a larger area, especially around thunderstorms.

The air movement in the capital was strongest in the evening, when they measured a gust of 22.7 meters / second (81.7 km / h) at their station on János Hill, breaking the record of the maximum daily gust in Budapest.

The previous record was 21.8 meters / second (78.5 kilometers / hour), which was registered in 1976 in Budapest Örsöd.

(Cover image: Sailing yachts and sports boats on the waters of Lake Balaton in cloudy sunshine. Photo: Csaba Jászai / MTI)

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