The real climate killer: the sports exhaust

No one can buy a sports car today. No matter how we categorize a car as a sports car, it still remains a large, comfortable, quiet and safe luxury car. We could call the same car an SUV without having to replace a bolt in it. But buyers don’t even want to buy a sports car because they can’t race anywhere, but if they didn’t want to, because then anyone sitting in the mother’s seat would wreak havoc in the physical, emotional, therapeutic, and legal dimensions at once, which is immediately our own entity. would lead to its destruction. That is, passengers never like a sports car.

Break down the myth

And yet there are plenty who buy things called sports cars. And they think of it as a sports car, and they imagine they’re sitting in a sports car when they’re one in the traffic jam and telling an unexperienced experience to others about how to drive a verda.

These people have even adapted bone-free notions like the sports limousine, despite the fact that this composition is the most bizarre contradiction that category marketing has ever brought together.

The sports car is a well-constructed myth behind less and less physical reality. This myth has been built by the automotive industry for decades, but it seems that at the dawn of electric driving, or rather late in the morning, a brand found it a good idea to break down this very myth.

If you wanted to expose the myth of the sports car the way I did, you would claim that the sports car is a lie. However, that would be a bad move. Many people may think of me as lying back and forth, Ferrari and Porsche, this nonsense means nothing.

Therefore, its sign needs to be changed. The myth remains, its value should only be changed.

Emotional message

A small red and very loud sports car sets off for the city to pollute the soul of the population, the built environment and the common culture with its noise. He walks through the empty streets, scares children to death, the glass of water squeaks and the birds roar. Are you scary? Be. What is more frightening is that this is the only car in this city and the population is, to put it mildly, below the demographic minimum, with a total of 13-15 people “populating” the streets. People here don’t seem to be driving or having sex at the same time. Sterile City.

The small car that is dating in Steril City is a real criminal: we can only see it and we don’t know its last name. He is the GTI. Which then hikes itself at a completely unnecessary red light. Then, without any explanation, it falls on its building blocks and the alternative, the electric car, appears behind it. Which then makes all the residents of Steril City happy one hundred and fifty.

To be sure, anyone who wants to race, go karting or go to an amateur car race, but will most likely not buy a high-value sports car because they can’t race anywhere else. The noise pollution of sports exhausts is far below its turnover, which was generously pulled out of the formula by the creators in this film.

Breaking down the myth of the sports car isn’t really clear either, as it says more about it as added value to the product than it does. In addition, an electric car can be even faster than such a sufnituning gasoline.

Behind the confusing argument, however, is a completely clear emotional message: their GTIs, the gas stations tuned to the gossip, are synonyms for the insanity, the jerk, the brazen chastity of normalcy. I do not share this view, but I think it is conceivable that there are those who have the opportunity to feel hatred and contempt for such phenomena if there is a reason to do so. According to the creators of the advertisement, it seems possible to upset “normal” people and the little red GTI is already falling victim to a culture of erasure: the perfect scapegoat to reassure our souls concerned about climate and the environment and continue our over-consuming and wasteful lives without remorse.

(Cover image: YouTube / Renault Commercial Mute the GTI Advert by Publicis Conseil, France)

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