Vice President Cristina Kirchner

Little by little, Argentine politics seems to be turning into a “looking for Wally”. This series of game-books, which began in the late 1980s in England and from there became popular throughout the world, had as its protagonist an already famous character named Wally, who is a tall guy with glasses, dressed in blue jeans. and a red and white striped pullover with a matching hat. The game, as it is known, consisted of searching through different scenes, among other things, for the protagonist.

The first of all the Wallies is Cristina what you’re trying hide in the crowd when he exercises commentary from the different acts he leads. Massa and even Alberto himself follow her in the attempt to hide among the opposition mass opine on the country’s solutions as if they were part of the opposition that his hands are tied to carry out his plan. They try to camouflage but people, when they get to see them, immediately identify them as if they were wearing the characteristic striped sweater, because they see in them the colors of the ruling party.

although today politics has many wallies who hide in a world of candidates, are dispersed in party structures and only raise their heads in the proposed media tours; Cristina is the most relatable of all.

The piquetero mafia appropriates public space

Cristina Kirchner joined the lively scene of national reality as if she were part of the opposition, but she carries within herself the colors that identify her as the mother of the government whose consequences we are living. Worse still, it is hidden because ashamed that because of her arbitrary and opportunistic choice of a figure that she believed guaranteed governability for her as long as she used his power to solve her problems and, nevertheless, served no more than to Neutralize all national politics and be teased. The one who came to vivify the Peronist power, turned out to be a president whose figure is only relevant for the news because of the whores he commits and the memes that make him daily on social networks that see Argentina as the paradise of the loaded.

Today there is a great anxiety in the population, in the media and in the business and union sectors that can be applied to politics and, with it, to what remains of the country. For this reason, everyone, the politicians at the head (especially the ruling party), should have as a priority to maintain governance in the midst of this lousy management, without competing to see who forces the necessary changes in the most daring way, even if the requests are not carried out. by the government.

Argentine politics is in a period of governmental fragility, among other things, due to the apathy that all politics awakens in the population. This apathy is generated by: the political discussions that revolve around a plane about which not much is known but everything is suspected, the fights on the government front that take place in public and with big knowing smiles, while everyone maintains that the unit is not at risk. The pickets grow day by day and extend to all sectors. The concerns about the language they have in the ruling party with Governor Kicillof at the head.

Vice President Cristina Kirchner at the CTA plenary.

While Kicillof comments on events in the capital, the province is falling apart due to insecurity while Berni, who does not play for any of the two or three large sectors of the government alliance but for himself, does not miss the opportunity to put on his media show on the highway with the piqueteros carriers. He appears, as always, with the accessories of an action figure (like it’s a Max Steel or a Gi-I-Joe) then he not only goes with his motorcycle or accompanied by a helicopter but now, in addition, shows up with his dog in the style of Bitumen that in the Simulators accompanied the most criminal of the characters.

The Radicalism and the PRO seem to bet on Fair Play with the government for 2023 elections and, to balance Alberto’s shots to the foot and Cristina’s counters, they make an effort to stay on different tune. Each one is thinking about how to solve the internal ones before the PASO and to all the opposition sectors it is costly to have started the presidential race so early at the end of the legislative as if they had forgotten that the race is long and very expensive.

We are in the 90 Critical Government Daysbecause once they are finished, the few hopes that the ruling party has left to fight for the presidency on the 23rd will end. Inflation, dollar, cabinet changes, security and governance These are the issues to be addressed urgently, among others that are added day by day to the suffocating list. The opposition relaxes thinking that the government’s failures assure them victory and instead of working on a consensus plan, they fight to see who will hold the executive position that they already take for granted. They should stop polishing the bronzes and start working on a concrete government plan that convinces people that they can find real change, but above all on a plan that ensures they implement solutions from day one because if something is clear with these internal ones is that the electorate will hardly put up with a plan that is first to win and then see what can be done.

Political symbolic violence: the overreaction that does not solve

We are in a very sensitive moment because each one has its urgencies but there is a year and a half to go before the elections. This makes the situation a multi-fuse bombshell where you don’t know which spark will ignite the disaster. Berni’s acting shows us one of the highlights that can be the issue of diesel. And just as it may not be the government’s entire responsibility to assemble that fuse, everyone also has to stop their hands and negotiate because it is a conflict that seems simple but can grow enormously. Like this diesel thing that started with a simple statement, there are a thousand issues that should be taken care of, not to focus because everyone thinks they have the thing mastered, but when they least expect it, the people will overwhelm the leaders and become ungovernable.

An example of this is Massa who bet on playing quietbut for the first time it is squeezed by its bases that see an inevitable end to the usefulness of the Front of All shortly.

A year and a half to go but the Wallies struggle to hide and for that they fan the flame of problems. Cristina hits the Popular Movements, accusing their leaders of being corrupt, and the leaders respond by saying without realizing that they are talking about her, that the Vice President thinks she is the patron saint of the popular sectors, some more grassroots militants point out that the problem they are both the leaders of the movements and Cristina. Over there, the grassroots are braver than the middle class because they are the first to begin to notice that out of so many politicians who want to hide in the scene of the Finding Wally book, we are in those final chapters of one of his deliveries in which we should look for the real Wally in the land of the Wallies where almost everyone was the same as the protagonist.

If you look for a long time into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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