The paddle, again in the foreground in Argentina (Photo: TN).

Look forward closing your eyes. Travel back to 1990 with your imagination. What do you see when you do not see? I’m doing that exercise, and I see a paddle tennis court. That ninety sport that exploded in Argentina, as a passion and as a business, came to capture the devotion of more than millions of amateur athletes.

Some dare to say that they played it some five million fans. And we even enjoyed legends that packed crowds, such as Alejandro Lasaigues and Robby Gattiker, perhaps the best in history. And suddenly, in another blink of an eye, the debacle.

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There is not only one reason to explain why the number of paddle tennis lovers decreased from five million (magic) to just five hundred thousand. Perhaps it was the injuries caused by the floors of the old cement courts, surrounded by walls. Surely, the overpopulation of options made many clubs or opportunists they will collapse economically. And even the International Tennis Federation, they say, moved so that this factory that took away talents stop “removing” followers. Whatever the reason, the fury faded. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye…

The paddle, again in the foreground

Today in Argentina two million people returned to give power to padel. Some 4,900 courts contained within 2,600 clubs is the photo of each weekend. Of those courts, ten percent already have a synthetic grass mat that reduce the chance of injury, those that were generated in the old tracks. Five percent of those venues it has acrylic walls. And, although there is still much to do, evolution is remarkable. And the dough accompanies.

The paddle, again in the foreground in Argentina (Photo: TN).

How much does it cost to play paddle tennis

The “shovels”, palettes, in Creole, oscillate between six thousand and sixty thousand pesos. For four thousand pesos, on average, you can rent an hour and a half to hit the ball. And the combo offers a great offer: the social plane. From four, in the double mode, fun is guaranteed.

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I went to one of the modern padel complexes and I decided to take a class with the former number one in the world ranking, Ale Lasaigues. The result is in the interview. Let’s go well, put it, as a starting point. Come, see and join the movement…

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