The Red Hot Chili Peppers in Budapest moved a huge crowd

In September 2021 one in a funny video the Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced they are embarking on a worldwide tour. In October, it turned out that Budapest was one of the stations of the concert tour, which caused great excitement in Hungary, as the band did not visit us often, it had only visited us twice during its almost 40-year career. After their performance in 1996, the audience could see them in the Hungarian capital in 2016, when they filled the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena twice. No wonder the organizer Live Nation announced the party in a bigger place this time: at Hungary’s largest sports and music venue,

the Los Angeles band performed at the Puskás Arena, which was handed over in November 2019.

The concert tickets ran out in less than a minute, and the audience was immediately rushed to the seats as well. According to the organizers, it was planned with 52,000 spectators, and as it was proved on the spot, there was so much interest in the party.

The Puskás is under test

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are, by the way, the first band to take the stage at the new Puskás Arena after the Aerosmith that preceded them postponed it earlier due to the epidemic, and finally canceled their concert that was announced there. Whether that added to the excitement in others, I can’t tell, I was really curious anyway about how it would paint and how a musical production would sound in such a huge venue.

The third thing that could have been a huge joy for hardcore fans in particular was that the band this time John Frusciante he arrived with a guitarist who had previously left the team twice (in 1992 and then in 2008 after his return in 1998), but has been a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers again since 2019. The band was released in the spring of 2022 Unlimited Love album is the founding singer Anthony Kiedisthe founding bass player Michael “Flea” Balzaryand has been a drummer in the Red Hot Chili Peppers since 1988 Chad Smith already made with him.

The stadium tour, which promotes the band’s new album, kicked off in Seville on June 4, following some American performances. The concert in Budapest was the fifth stop on the tour, but the setlist was still a surprise, as if someone followed the band’s previous performances, they might have noticed that the repertoire at each venue had changed at several points.

Of course, there are also permanent items in the line like 1999 Californicationabout the new album a Black Summeror 2006 Snow songs that you probably don’t really have who you don’t know, but also songs that swap on tour stations. After the entrance jam, unlike previous concerts, for example, the Can’t stop instead of Around the Worlddel launched the band and then the Dani California followed, but as before, the Under the Bridge even though it was part of the add-on block according to the setlist now circulating on the net, it was not played in the end.

Entrance, lines and repo-para

Organizers have previously warned that everyone should go to the concert early, as getting in can be time consuming. This was mainly due to the size of the building – I didn’t even realize the distance around the stadium and walk at least half an hour before “getting from A to D”, but luckily I arrived before they started. warm – up productions. The security guards at the entrances were very patient and helpful, not only with me, but also with the foreign guests, who were completely unfamiliar here.

My ticket was to Sector 120, which is halfway through the battlefield, right where the smooth and prominent standing sectors meet. I had an absolutely good view of the stage while also seeing the entire stadium, which was beautifully filled with the arrival of the protagonists. Of course, this only applied to them: it wasn’t fashionable to watch the pre-bands here at home, there were embarrassingly few people interested in Thundercat’s production, which went on stage at 6.30 pm – the seats were rarely occupied here and there. on the battlefield. They, on the other hand, persisted in one place for several hours. I was also interested in the other two performers, and luckily I even managed to get to the buffet to get started, because according to good Hungarian custom, everyone stopped at the first counter, although after walking a little further, an almost completely empty window was waiting for the guests.

If you haven’t been to the Puskás Arena yet, the only thing about the prices is that the beer is around 1000, the soft drink is around 800 forints, and if you get hungry, you can bite something for roughly 700-1100 forints. The tapped nectar is measured in a 500 forint repo, which can be exchanged for a token, if there is enough of it – afterwards I heard that it didn’t go so smoothly at the end of the party. One of my colleagues tried in vain to get his glass on the way home, he didn’t get a token for it, because he allegedly ran out, which he said wasn’t the only thing he did.

The crowd sounded good, the productions not so much

Returning to Thundercatre, the music of the Los Angeles songwriter, singer, bass player I couldn’t really accommodate myself, but I have to leave, he treated his instrument very well. His production, on the other hand, sounded so awful that every time he shouted into the microphone, my ears rang regularly. The New York rapper Nas who followed him was no quieter either – although I ran out for another drink during his performance, I even felt the music pounding in my chest while lounging in front of the buffet. Unfortunately, by then, it was time for Nas to finish his show by the time I got back to my seat – no matter how many were hurrying behind the counter, I waited at least half an hour to serve.

While the masked crews covering the stage prepared the ground for the main performers, I looked at the outsourced speakers and tried to figure out what made me sometimes feel more deafening and echoing what I heard. Since I am not an expert on the sound system operated in the Puskás Arena (which, by the way it can be here I will not even give any professional explanation for what I have experienced, but I have to note that something is not right, which unfortunately remained the same during the production of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

By the way, this was probably perceived by the musicians themselves – if I remember correctly, Soul To Squeeze In the song, Kiedis jerked off one of his ear monitors during the production, and then when he stepped aside for a moment, I just saw that he was explaining something to one of the crew members. But despite the imperfection of the sound, I think it was an unmissable and overall beef good concert that this Wednesday night

moved an amazing crowd.

And the acoustics of the stadium were especially good for the standing ovation: no matter how many times those many people roared after each song, I always shuddered. Not to mention that I myself saw the band live for the first time, which is probably what many others are like, and as I watched those around me, those raging on the battlefield, and those who bounced around the concert from their seats, the atmosphere was huge.

Luxurious spectacle, unwavering energy

What can’t be complained about in any way is the stunning stage design the team has planned for the tour. The musicians slammed into the strings on a classic podium without a catwalk, using giant projectors on both sides to help the concert experience of those further afield, which received close-up pictures of the members through the cameras of the videographers. Of course, this too was sometimes spoiled with various effects, aligning it with the huge, curved “led carpet” that ran from the “ceiling” of the stage all the way to the back wall of the podium and then from there under the musicians ’feet to the photo baskets. Sometimes there was such a cavalcade of color around them that it regularly dazzled the eyes of man.

Nor can it be said that they could not stand a breath. With the exception of Frusciante, the musicians around the age of sixty honored the hour and a half they had planned for Budapest – although sometimes there was a flash of “head scratches” between the songs, but when they slammed into another song, they apparently tried to give it their all. During the show, everyone got out of the spotlight separately, and Flea “walked” on the stage, standing hand in hand after the rebound. By the way, the shortest concert of the five stations so far was given in Hungary – in addition, only one song was played in the end, so the Budapest set became 17 items.

The members left the stage just as abruptly as they arrived at the beginning, although since I don’t know their farewell habits, I can’t tell you how common this is with them. In any case, the 90 minutes have been calculated for takki, which I think was worth it after a few hours of rest: on the one hand, seeing such a crowd at a concert is a huge experience in itself, and on the other hand, it is one of the most important bands in rock history. the Give it away, which I never would have thought I could ever listen to live. However, it would be worth considering in the future what solutions could be used to improve the sound of the music events planned for the Puskás Arena, because there are bands that really need so much space for their concerts.

(Cover image: Szollár Zsófi / Index)

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