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The right to paid vacation: 5 days in China and zero in the US

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In Brazil, workers are entitled to 30 days of paid vacation. With World Bank data in hand, it’s not the most generous country – French, British and Germans have eight, six and two extra vacation days a year, respectively – but neither is it the meanest: Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland enjoy two less days. But we are certainly an oasis when compared to China and the United States. China stipulates that paid vacations range from five days to two weeks, depending on seniority. China is along with Canada and Thailand in this ranking. And we are a paradise for American workers, who do not have this right written into their labor laws, the US is joined by Tonga, Palau, Kiribati and the Marshall Islands.

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are among the cities with the most vacation days.

The ranking of paid vacations by countries, however, is not the same when it comes to its main cities. Bahrain, for example, has the same vacation days as Brazil, but its capital, Manama, workers get four more days. While the list of countries includes all 190, that of the main cities is much smaller, only studying 71 of the largest in the world. In this calculation, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are together with Rome, Lima, Moscow, Luxembourg, Tallinn and Vilna, all with more than thirty days of paid vacation. At the other extreme, with less than ten days, are Shanghai, Bangkok and Beijing. In North American cities, the main ones are two weeks old. The best is N.York which gives 27 days. The worst are Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago, with 14 days.

The “trabferias” of the 21st century.

Another thing is the quality of vacations, inversely proportional to the number of interferences at work that, thanks to cell phones and computers, do not leave workers alone in their well-deserved vacation time. We are in the times of “trabférias”, one eye resting and the other glued to the cell phone, responding to the company’s needs. There is a survey, carried out in the world, ensuring that 64% of workers admitted that they answered work calls during the holidays. Digital disconnection is already a right in many countries. No parliamentarian in Brazil was aware of this problem. But they will be at your doors asking for your vote.

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