Tibor Horváth

06.08.2022 05:56

According to a decree published on August 1, next year it will be possible to obtain a driver’s license on a simulator, but it is not yet known how many hours the students can exchange with it.

The simulator is definitely good from the point of view that you can practice dangerous situations with them, which are not possible in traffic.

A simulator can cost HUF 8-10 million, so the question arises as to how many driving schools can afford to purchase such a device, and to what extent this will affect the price of obtaining a driver’s license.

The fact that instructors have to record when and where a student drives into traffic, and when they finish driving, at the latest one hundred and twenty minutes before the lesson, may also incur additional costs.

Hourly billing will be based on minutes. THE RTL NewsAccording to the instructor who spoke, if the new system complicates the administration, there will be people who leave the field, even though there are already few instructors.

According to the Ministry of Technology and Industry, the simulator is only optional, and its investment cost is the same as the price of a training car. However, its maintenance cost is much lower. According to the ministry, the details are still being worked out, and the simulator training can start in a year at the earliest.

(Cover image: Pénezgygyomda / MTI)

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