The Russian economic elite, Putin's perplexed but opportunistic support

It’s one of the benefits of living “in Moscow in troubled times”. The journalist of the Russian-speaking site News Times Evguenia Albats discussed “open heart” with members of the Russian economic elite present in the capital. His article, translated into English for the site The Moscow Times, inaccessible in Russia, paints the portrait of a circle of wealthy businessmen affected by the international sanctions formulated in reaction to the Russian intervention in Ukraine and critical of President Vladimir Putin.

On condition of anonymity, these personalities, some close to the authorities, agreed to give themselves up to the journalist “in private, preferably in a restaurant with no one around or, even better, in a corner of a small park”. One of them confides that he does not know any economic adviser to the federal government who supports the war. “They all know it’s a disaster but they’re trying to figure out how to adapt.”

“You don’t have to be clairvoyant to understand that they are always looking for

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