The fighters have five minutes to launch and retreat to alternate positions to avoid return fire.  Photo: freeze-frame of the video of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The fighters have five minutes to launch and retreat to alternate positions to avoid return fire. Photo: freeze-frame of the video of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russian Ministry of Defense published online launches of crews of Smerch multiple launch rocket systems. The footage shows a real combat situation: the servicemen received the task of destroying warehouses with weapons and ammunition, loaded missiles and went to the firing position.

The fighters have five minutes to launch and retreat to alternate positions to avoid return fire.

“The servicemen made accurate calculations of the position of the target and fired a volley. According to intelligence, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have concentrated ammunition, military equipment and weapons to supply their troops. The data of the scouts were confirmed by the technical means of reconnaissance, after which the unit of multiple launch rocket systems attacked the warehouses, ”the Russian Defense Ministry commented on the footage.

After the volley, the MLRS battery left the shelter at maximum speed, took up new firing positions, worked out new firing tasks and immediately changed its position.

“We have a few minutes to leave, aim, launch. The car drives into the starting position, aims, and the launch takes place. After launch, we have two minutes to roll up and leave position. You have to change starting positions every time. You have to re-point, re-attach. The terrain changes every time – and this is also the specifics of our work. We support each other, we help both in word and, most importantly, in deed,” Ivan, head of the Smerch MLRS crew, told reporters.

The calculations do not doubt the accuracy of their complexes.

“All the targets set are guaranteed to be destroyed, and intelligence reports the exceptional precision of the missilemen’s work,” the military department noted.


The divisions of the MLRS “Smerch” are tasked with the destruction of especially important objects of the enemy’s military infrastructure. Crews of the MLRS “Smerch” disable and destroy command posts, warehouses with weapons, ammunition and fuel and lubricants (fuel and lubricants), communication centers, air defense equipment (Air Defense) and other important targets located at a great distance.


Servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation opened the doors of warehouses for journalists, where captured weapons are now stored, hastily left by the retreating units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Russian military personnel note that the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to increasingly, during the retreat, throw the Swedish-made American Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missile systems imported by Western countries because of their bulkiness,” the Russian Defense Ministry commented.

In general, foreign weapons for Ukrainian nationalists turned out to be inconvenient for transportation and use. Well, how to run through forests and ravines with such boxes?

“Most of all come across small arms, grenade launchers and ammunition for them. The most common are anti-tank guided missiles and systems such as NLAW and Javelin, German-made anti-tank mines, and, interestingly, the Ukrainian UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher, which I would like to note is that it differs from the Russian grenade launcher and the Soviet version by NATO caliber. We also have a variant of the American Browning M2 heavy machine gun and ammunition for the Swedish 84 mm Karl Gustav grenade launcher, which we have not seen yet,” says Maxim, head of the trophy weapons depot.


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