The Russians launched a brand new nuclear icebreaker
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Putin issued the ceremonial order to launch the Yakutsk icebreaker in St. Petersburg via video call from his presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. The second Ural icebreaker is still waiting to be launched.

Photo: Dmitri Lovetsky, CTK/AP

Icebreaker Yakutia

“Vessels of this size are of strategic importance to us. The development of this most important transport corridor will allow Russia to fully realize its export potential and the introduction of effective logistics routes, including the one to Southeast Asia,” Putin said, according to the AP agency.

According to the president, Russia is ready to cooperate with its partners, and despite the current difficulties, by which he apparently meant the invasion of Ukraine, he will certainly succeed in fulfilling his naval plans in the region.

Putin said two years ago that an Arctic shipping route along Russia’s northern coast could rival the Suez Canal as a faster trade route between Europe and Asia.

Boss? Not anymore, Putin has new nicknames and he won’t be proud of them


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