The Russians named the cleanest regions of the country

The Russians called Altai the most environmentally friendly region of the country, according to the results of the survey, he scored 57% of the vote. Karelia came second (35%), the top three was closed by the Caucasus (27%).

Service “” found out from the Russians which regions they consider the cleanest in terms of ecology.

The top five also includes Kamchatka (24%). Another 18% of respondents consider Siberia the most environmentally friendly region.

The top 10 includes Chukotka (17%), Crimea (14%), Sochi (7%), Urals (6%). The top ten ecologically clean regions, according to the results of the survey, are closed by Kaliningrad (6%).

For 71% of the participants in the study, the richness of nature in the region, the great diversity of flora and fauna became a priority factor. 43% of survey participants noted clean air, 40% – the presence of clean water bodies, 32% – the absence of industries within the boundaries of settlements. 16% of respondents appreciate the regions for the absence of excessive noise and light pollution, and 13% emphasize the special attentive and careful attitude of the population of the regions to the ecological situation of their native land.

Other factors include clean streets (9%), a large number of environmental programs in the region (7%), the remoteness of settlements from the vast majority of sources of environmental pollution (6%), careful attention to garbage disposal (4%) and other less common factors. , which scored about 6%.

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