For trips to the south, 14,000 wagons have been prepared, almost all of them with air conditioning so that it is not stuffy.  / Sergey Kuksin

For trips to the south, 14,000 wagons have been prepared, almost all of them with air conditioning so that it is not stuffy. / Sergey Kuksin

For example, from July 1 to July 5 there are no seats on trains from Moscow to Sochi, by the middle of the month you can find single tickets, at the end of the month there are noticeably more tickets. In some trains, however, there are dozens of seats. These are the additional ingredients. For example, on July 10, you can buy reserved seat tickets for a train that goes from the capital to the Black Sea for about two days. But only the top places remained.

In early July, the choice of tickets to Sochi is also limited from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg. Noticeably more places from Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov. A similar situation with tickets to Anapa. It is very difficult to leave Moscow or St. Petersburg in early July by train to this resort, there are places on trains from other cities. The most difficult thing is to get by rail to the Crimea. There are almost no places for trains to Simferopol from different cities in July.

However, now the depth of sales of railway tickets is 90 days. Most of those who are planning a trip on vacation have taken care of their travel in advance, they explain to Rossiyskaya Gazeta in a subsidiary of Russian Railways – the Federal Passenger Company (FPK).

The demand for train tickets has been spurred by restrictions on air traffic with 11 cities since the end of February. Airports are still closed, including in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol. In early July, the most massive flow of tourists will go towards the south. Now it is redistributed to the railway. Therefore, the choice of tickets is limited.

Of course, the most convenient and fastest trains are sold out first. But by mid-July, tourists will gradually return, there will be more places. “Tickets are sold out quickly, but we are closely monitoring the demand and are ready to promptly meet it. In July, the appointment of additional trains, the inclusion of additional wagons in trains will continue,” the FPC representative assured.

In total, this summer the company plans to transport more than 41 million passengers, of which 9.8 million – only in the south direction. This is a third more than the level of 2021 and more than in the summer of pre-Covid 2019.

Now, according to the schedule, 144 trains run to the Black Sea coast and the resorts of the North Caucasus. The frequency of their departure has been increased, additional flights have been added, and the number of wagons has also been increased so that there is enough space for everyone.

More than 11 million seats were offered to Russians for the summer holidays on southern trains. Including in Adler, Sochi, the Imeretinsky resort and Abkhazia for the summer there are 5.6 million places, in Anapa – 2.3 million, in Novorossiysk – 1.8 million, Kislovodsk, Nalchik and Mineralnye Vody – 1.25 million places, listed in the FPC.

More than 14,000 wagons have been prepared to deliver tourists to the south, which is almost 20% more than last year. Almost all carriages are equipped with air conditioners and modern sanitary rooms.

During the summer of 2022, railway workers are preparing to transport 30% more passengers to the south than in 2021, additional trains have been prepared

Children’s trains, which are carried by organized groups to summer health camps, are given special attention. A total of 29 children’s teams were prepared. The trains will make about 200 special trips. It is planned to transport more than 400 thousand children as part of organized children’s groups. Applications are still coming in, the FPC notes.

The Grand Service Express company, which carries out transportation to the Crimea, also uses additional resources. Since mid-June, the frequency of trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Feodosia, from Smolensk, Belgorod, Astrakhan and Kislovodsk to Simferopol has increased. From June 27, the Moscow-Kerch train will run, and from June 1, the Simferopol-Adler train began to run.

The tradition of buying train tickets in advance probably also helped save money. Tickets purchased in advance could end up costing the Russians cheaper. The average cost of travel by rail in July decreased compared to May and June, according to the aggregator company OneTwoTrip. Thus, a train ticket to Sochi in July cost an average of about 4,000 rubles per person one way, which is 12% lower than in May and June, says Elena Shelekhova, head of the press service of the service. By 7%, to 4.9 thousand rubles, the average cost of a trip to Novorossiysk has also decreased, where people who wish to relax in Gelendzhik are now arriving. The cost of tickets to Anapa and Simferopol has not changed – 4.6 thousand rubles and 7 thousand rubles, respectively.

By the way, the cost of air tickets to some southern destinations has also decreased slightly. But in May, airlines resorted to sales, so it was possible to fly to Sochi for 4-5 thousand rubles per person one way. In July, such tickets cost an average of 8.4 thousand rubles, in August – so far 7.4 thousand rubles.

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