Cleaner water is already flowing into Sajó

The Index reported in an on-the-spot report a month ago about an environmental disaster contaminating Sajó with toxic substances. It can even be considered fateful: on the 24th of February, at the same time as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, liquid contaminated with arsenic, iron and other heavy metals began to flow from its long-closed Siderite iron ore into the Sajó River. fish, crayfish, even microorganisms. Luck in the misfortune: by the time the river reaches the Hungarian border, due to natural self-purification and dilution, the toxic content does not reach the lower limit of the health limit.

From the first moment, Örs Orosz, a representative of the Hungarian Highland Party in the Highlands in Nitra County, an enthusiastic environmentalist and the engine and organizer of the Mushroom Summer Camp, but also international media. Reuters, the AP and Chinese TV channels have already noticed the destruction of the Sajo – only the Slovak government is idle. According to Örs, this may be due to the fact that the two competent ministries, the environment and the economy, are led by two rival parties.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Environment has already reported that it has allegedly solved the problem and prevented surface water from flowing into the abandoned mine, so there is nothing left to wash out the toxic substances and get them into the Sajo through the drain. But this is not the case, because even if we accept the government’s claim that it has blocked two-thirds of the inflow, the remaining one-third still carries arsenic and other heavy metals into the river. As evidenced by the latest video of the Russian Örs, which he made at Alsósajo on Thursday:

Ladies and gentlemen! As incredible as it may seem, this is not the surface of Mars right now!

With these words begins the video of Orosz Örs, which shows the Sajó river at low water level, on the border of the village of Alsósajó on the afternoon of June 15. Three days after the Slovak government’s revelation, Mr Zajac even filmed a misleading video on the spot that the Sajó pollution had been removed and resolved.

Well this is what it looks like when a problem is solved, such as a healthy river. I show it live so that no one else accuses me of this being an earlier recording. No, this is a recording today.

According to official bodies, the impact of pollutants in the Sajó River has decreased by two-thirds.

This means that one-third of the former still flows to Sajó every minute, that is, not just one and a half million liters a day, but “only” half a million liters of pollutants.

Not 4.2 tons, but only 1.4 tons of iron enters the river every day, half a ton of zinc and almost two kilograms of arsenic. Unfortunately, all this makes it impossible for the Sajó to regenerate and resuscitate in the upper section.

So, the situation is still frustrating, and there seems to have been a need for another action, which had been carried out two days earlier, on Tuesday. Russian Örsék – Dr. Tibor Varga and Ján Korpa together with an activist. They and the Committee on Petitions in front of the building of the Slovak Ministry of the Environment in Bratislava. This time, they did not take Sajó-water as before, but the signing of the 11,407 people who have had enough of the inaction of the authorities and demand an immediate solution to the problem is working hard to get the ministry to finally take action on the matter.

Meanwhile, László Keresztes, Lóránt, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, visited the Chairman of the Environment and Agriculture Committee of the Bratislava Parliament on Thursday, reporting on his meeting at an online press conference. According to him, the cessation of the pollution of Sajó is still hindered by the jurisdictional disputes within the Slovak government, and it is still not known when the pollution that has been going on for the current months will end.

(Cover image: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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