The secret weapon of Lionel Messi and his Argentina teammates?  The barbecue: "They landed in Qatar with 900 kilos of meat"
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Lionel Messi will try for the fifth time in Qatar to become world champion with Argentina. The “secret weapon” of the Argentine selection may help with that. According to the national sports newspaper Diario Olé the Argentinian national team has brought five grills and no less than 900 kilos of meat to Qatar.

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The Argentinian team has now arrived in Qatar after a friendly match against the United Arab Emirates was played on Wednesday evening (Argentina won 0-5, ed.). And on their first day in the capital Doha, the barbecue was immediately lit. No coincidence: according to sports newspaper Diario Olé is it barbecuing at the Albiceleste has become a regular ritual. The national team also did it last year during the Copa América, which was won by Argentina – their first victory in a major tournament in 28 years.

Argentine culture

But why has barbecuing become such a thing with the national team? Team spirit, that is the explanation of national coach Lionel Scaloni. “The barbecue creates an atmosphere of unity, of collective chemistry. It is part of our culture, of our Argentinian idiosyncrasy,” Scaloni told the national sports newspaper. And the Argentines go very far in this, it turns out: except for five state of the art grills, no less than 900 kilos of meat was also taken to Qatar.

“My favorite dish is barbecue, but it goes beyond that. It’s about the time we enjoy together, which allows us to talk, laugh, relax and connect with each other. It’s about being together in a group and the connection that is made there,” Scaloni said. Or the Albiceleste also will help grab the most coveted prize of them all? Time will tell.

Nicolas Tagliafico shared a photo of the barbecues on his Instagram:

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