The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Finance drew attention to an important deadline

So far, more than 875,000 one-percent returns have been filed electronically with the tax office. The deadline is May 20, until then a total of about HUF 50 billion can be offered to churches, the National Talent Program and non-governmental organizations – András Tállai told MTI.

The Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs in the Ministry of Finance recalled that churches and NGOs could count on a one percent loss due to a family tax refund under a government decision.

This amount is received by those affected, as the state reimburses it as budget support, so parents can even dispose of 1 + 1 percent of the tax that is refundable to them.

András Tállai In its view, the amount of aid that may be involved may be higher than last year, as more people are taxed every year. The secretary of state also stated that the tax payable must be settled by May 20th.

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