Field dollar settlements 20220805

During the first half of 2022 the sector Oilseeds and Cereal Producers settled US$ 22,093 million in the Single Free Exchange Market (MULC), which represents the historical maximum for the first half of the year.

This dollar income is located 9% above the previous record, corresponding to the first half of 2021.

For the second half of the year, the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) estimates a liquidation of foreign exchange from the agribusiness sector for US$ 18,575 million. In this way, the income of dollars from the Oilseeds and Cereals sector for 2022 could amount to US$ 40,668 million dollars, a historical maximum for Argentina.

The new Secretary of Agriculture said that he understands when the field does not liquidate its grains

“This volume would be located $2 billion above of the liquidation of foreign currency in the year 2021, and would be 73% higher than the average income of foreign currency in the Oilseeds and Cereals sector between the years 2018 and 2020, inclusive”, indicates a report from the entity.

According to the BCR, “both in volume and value, agro-industrial exports reached first half of 2022 a historical record”.

At the end of July, the sale of grains by producers was the second highest record in history, with 83.2 million tons, only behind 2019/20 when Argentina achieved its productive record”.

“In global terms, producers have marketed to date a higher volume of grains than that registered at the same time last year, beyond the differences that exist within each product. In other words, it can be verified that, although there is an absolute volume of soybean sales lower than that registered, in tons, at the same time last year, the sales of the rest of the grains more than compensate this difference”, indicates the Bag.

sales per crop

At the end of July industrialists and exporters agreed to purchase 21.3 Mt of soybeans (official data from the MAGyP). “This indicates the lowest absolute value since the 2003/04 campaign, when 20.3 Mt had been sold for the same time of year.”

Field dollar settlements 20220805

For their part, the 34.5 million tons of corn marketed they constitute the second largest record in history, even despite the drop in production due to the last drought.

In wheat and barley, 21.2 Mt and 2.5 Mt were traded, respectively, setting two records. while the 1.2 and 2.5 million tons, respectively, sold of sorghum and sunflower are among the highest records.


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