The ships recorded by the Pentagon could be aliens or time travelers

Pentagon releases declassified UFO footage

“I don’t think it’s a development of any nation and non-state organization at all. It’s quite noticeable when you watch the video. It seems extraordinary what these machines are capable of doing”Peake added.

The North American authorities announced that -since 2014- they are over 400 sightings of unidentified flying objectsnot knowing its origin.


The confidential

NASA will form a scientific team to study UFOs

NASA assured that it plans assemble a team of scientists to examine “unidentified aerial phenomena” -commonly called UFOs- in the most recent sign of seriousness with which the United States government is taking the issue.

The US space agency said it will focus on identifying what data is available, the best ways to collect data in the future, and how you can use that information to advance scientific understanding of the issue.


NASA appointed david spergelformer head of the department of astrophysics at Princeton University, to lead the science team, Daniel Evansprincipal investigator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, to conduct the study.

“A team of scientists is expected to meet before the fall and then spend about nine months producing a public report on their findings.”Evans explained.


The announcement comes a year after the US government released a report prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence together with a working group led by the Navywhich details the observations of “unidentified aerial phenomena”, or FANIcarried out mainly by armed service personnel.

Two Pentagon officials testified on May 17 at the first congressional hearing on UFOs in half a century. “We are looking at the Earth in new ways and also we’re looking the other way, to the sky, in new ways“, he expressed Thomas Zurbuchenthe head of NASA’s science unit. “What we’re really trying to do here is launch an investigation with no outcome in mind.”he added.

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