Shakira and Pique

Since Shakira Y Gerard Piqué confirmed their separation, many theories circulated on social networks. However, what resonated the most was an alleged infidelity on the part of the player.

The Spanish press pointed to a young 22-year-old Catalan model, who although her name was not disclosed, her initials: “CM”

The young woman spoke with the program socialite and enabled the journalist Laura Roge to replay your private conversation.

Shakira and Pique (Instagram/@shakira/)

“She’s overwhelmed with all of this. I didn’t think the information would come out”, The reporter advanced and confessed that the talk between the two lasted 15 minutes.

“CM” asked them to stop involving her in the mediatic separation and stated: “I don’t know him, they have related me to him nonsense because of the description of the alleged girl and They have awarded me the role taking advantage of the fact that I do not have social networks because I’m in final exams.

“It’s not me and I don’t know him, so I ask that you please leave me alone, People are shooting me for things I haven’t done, anything that comes up with my name will be met with a lawsuit. (…) I guess they need someone to evade the issue and mislead”, said the young woman lamenting.

Shakira and Pique (AP)

Shakira and Pique (AP)

Another name, the same rumor

The young woman in her defense said that they were confusing her with another woman.

What they have told me is that the real girl will come out shortlyI hope that it is like that and that they leave me in peace and I can go back to studying quietly, which is what matters to me”, he affirmed.

This is why the team at socialite assured that “CM” refers to a young woman whose initials are “DC”.

“The real oneis a young woman from Barcelona, ​​very fine and actually met Piqué in the place that has been talked about, and, according to what they tell me, this girl would have gone to see him at more than one football game”, he told the press “CM”.

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