The sky in June: when and how to see the next alignment of planets

An unusual movement is happening in the sky since the night of Sunday, June 19: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon they are forming a straight line, which will finish being completed in the course of the week. “The planets aligned,” say the experts.

The planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn they are forming an almost straight line, to which the crescent moon will be added this Thursday. NASA scientists point out that the early hours of the morning are the ideal time to see the alignment of the stars with the naked eye from both hemispheres.

La Rioja, chosen for the Mars colonization trials

Likewise, the astronomers anticipated that during the month of July, other singular configurations worthy of mention can be seen, starting with the star clusters M13 or the Great Hercules Clusterbelonging to a constellation whose antiquity – they estimate – dates back to 12 billion years.

Until the first days of July, during the hours before dawn, Mercury It will also be visible to the naked eye, unlike Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which require the use of professional or semi-professional telescopes to be captured.


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