The sky of Los Angeles soon to be loaded with flying taxis?

Flying taxis should soon be circulating in the skies of Los Angeles, to believe the Los Angeles Times. The city expects “that drone-like electric air taxis will be operational by the time of the 2028 Olympics, or even much sooner”, says the California newspaper.

Adam Goldstein, boss of Archer, one of the many Silicon Valley start-ups working on this new mode of transport, assures that these taxis are revolutionary. “These vehicles open up a perspective that could transform the way we live and work,” he boasts, estimating that they will allow you to go from Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles in just nine minutes, avoiding the terrible traffic jams of the Californian metropolis.

Goldstein envisages the establishment of “roads” constituted by “invisible tubes in the sky”. Regular routes on which the vehicles would follow one another. He says the price of a ride from Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles could be around $50, the equivalent of the price of the trip with Uber.

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