The snake bit into the snake, Elon Musk is being gripped by robots

Elon Musk has temporarily frozen the acquisition of Twitter, saying he needs more information about the actual volume of camouflage circulating on the platform. No one expected this development, but there could be several reasons for it.

First of all, it should be noted that the soap opera related to the transaction in question is much more than a chronicle of a money-rich man’s spending spree. The whole thing goes far beyond itself, as the world-renowned investor promises a qualitatively new chapter in social communication from the start.

A virtual world where no techmogul can moderate and ban content and users arbitrarily, however, undertakes to filter out annoying camouflage profiles and automated robots from its agora and make public the principles by which it ranks individual posts. Elon Muskra has directed global media attention in recent days with a strong commitment to transparent and fair relations.

Then came the cold shower, Friday’s news that Elon Musk had temporarily “suspended” the process of buying Twitter. He argued that there were doubts that the proportion of robotized camouflage users would actually be no more than five percent. You’re willing to believe it if you really are, but you’re asking the company for a more convincing derivation than you currently have.

What could have happened?

According to the first explanation, Elon Musk realized that his cyber-freedom-type plan was doomed to failure due to upcoming European and overseas government regulations, and the large-scale deletion of deceptive identity profiles (although the basic idea was noble) was in practice a mirage. So he hurried, woke up, and now he was scratching.

Legal analysts are already debating whether they can do all this without any financial loss, as the contract will cost $ 1 billion to withdraw. If, on the other hand, he claims that he was unaware of the proportion of camouflage profiles on the site, i.e. the seller party misinformed him about what he was actually buying, he could, in principle, have a chance to withdraw without any cash flow. This version is limping because, for the most part, he wanted to buy Twitter for the sake of just filtering out chat bots – so he knew for sure.

According to a more rolled-up container, the $ 1 billion to pay off for Elon Musk isn’t a lot of money, but Twitter, which has an operating profit of $ 3-4 billion a year, could see the giggle of the camouflage profile without the Tesla CEO. you would be wasting your valuable time on this, but could focus more on your actual love projects (electric cars, the conquest of Mars, etc.).

In this scenario, the relevant promise of a billion-dollar entrepreneur can be fulfilled in a way that costs him little in the end – so our hero is more fierce than anyone ever thought. Sounds good, fact, but the resignation would send the message that Twitter is a big balloon, not worth the serious money, which could even make it completely complete, it’s just a matter of luck. Nor is it clear why if Elon Musk wanted to give one billion to Twitter for a specific purpose, why not give it that way.

According to the most realistic version, the current uncertainty is just a play of theater, a tactical gameplay, part of the bargain.

The stagnation has already dropped the value of Twitter significantly, so if Elon Musk now cleverly shuffles the card, he could save as much as 15-20 percent of the $ 44 billion purchase price he originally offered (which was unrealistically high anyway by any analysis). He may later receive an official fine of a few tens of millions of dollars for this maneuver (he already had a similar affair), but it will be only a small amount of money. He’s good.

What’s next?

Elon Musk will eventually either buy Twitter or not, there is no third option. (A minority shareholder can, of course, stay at any time.) In his latest Twitter post, he succinctly states that his original intentions have not changed, but in his case, you can never know for sure. After all, he said that he had practically bought it already, but now he would rather find out a little more before buying.

Impulsive man with creative solutions.

In any case, if the current tug-of-war is already largely used to make us all aware of how many internet camouflage profiles are agitating into our faces every day, then there is no fairy tale: Elon Musk is a communication genius.

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