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Everyone is responsible for themselves – it is included in the amendment of the social law, which emphasizes individual and family responsibility for the social security of the individual, taking into account their abilities and opportunities. The amendment defines the circle of relatives based on the Civil Code.

The local governments are at the next level in the line of care, with the stipulation that their duty of care exists only in accordance with the conditions specified in the law. The municipality is followed by the state’s care responsibility. The state and local government cooperate with church and civil organizations in the performance of social care tasks. It is the task of the state and local governments to establish the system of social institutions and measures and to ensure their operation.

The allowance for foster parents is increasing.

The amendment also includes how professional staff and law enforcement employees, as well as healthcare workers, can voluntarily undertake overtime. The border hunting regiment, which was created as an emergency measure, and whose rapid establishment in the summer was justified by the increase in migration pressure, will become part of the general legal order. The law enforcement salary increase also falls within the framework of the general legal order.

In the future, the projection base for social benefits and subsidies will not be the old-age pension, but the social projection base.

The state advances the alimony if the parent who is obliged to pay does not fulfill his obligations, the court enforcement is ineffective, and the debtor owes at least three months’ fees.

In the future, it will be possible to provide special therapy for children who are victims of human trafficking without having to remove them from their families.

A new directorate general will be established in the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights in relation to disability.

During the final vote on the law, five members of the Párbeszéd faction stood up and protested, wearing white T-shirts that read: Stop “Lex Megdöglesz”, MTI reported.